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Premier League

This Week’s Premier League Review

by on February 16, 2023 0

The atmosphere in one of the most popular football leagues in the world is getting more exciting with every round. Namely, several of the best clubs are in for the race title, whereas some others are trying to secure the rankings that will enable them to join the elite European competitions. There are, of...

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Premier League – Everton Vs Man United: Preview

by on November 6, 2020 0

A match between Everton and Manchester United is underway. Will United step up and break their bad season streak? Everton Here is why Man United really stands a chance. Everton had a good start to the season, but then they began to slip up. They drew against Liverpool and then lost to Southampton and...

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Premier League – Leeds Vs Leicester: Review

by on November 3, 2020 0

With their victory over Leeds United, Leicester City climbed up top the second position in the Premier League, right behind Liverpool by a single point. If this keeps up, Leicester is going to be a true challenge for the Reds. Though Leeds lost, things are far from over for them this season. First Half...

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Premier League – Everton Vs Liverpool: Review

by on October 18, 2020 0

Once more, Everton did not beat Liverpool. However, the Reds also did not achieve victory, despite the chances. With a score of 2-2, this Mersey derby is one more addition to the draw column of the meetups between the two teams. First Half After their defeat at the hands of Aston Villa, the Reds...

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Premier League: Live Broadcast in October

by on October 3, 2020 0

Premier League matches are going to be available on TV in October, with some exceptions. Let’s start with the bad news first. Not all matches are available. In fact, the general public will not see half of the fixtures. Sky Sports and BT Sport are going to broadcast 5 matches every weekend, totaling 15....

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