Roundup: This Month in Premier League

As we entered the month of May, the Premier League table was still unsettled. Now, as we are reaching the summit and the dust settles, we have a clear picture. Find out what happened this month in the Premier League and how things resolved in the end.

Manchester City Continue To Reign as Arsenal Fall Short

While Arsenal had a lot of potential to dethrone the Blues, they flunked it at the end. The Gunners held the top of the table for some time. But when Manchester City are right behind, you can’t afford to make mistakes, and Arsenal did.

The Blues took the opportunity and got the lead back at the start of May. The demoralised Gunners failed to produce the results they had shown throughout the season in the end.

Many thought the Blues would fall short due to participation in two European competitions. But Guardiola’s team have shown why they are considered one of the strongest teams at the moment. The Blues have done something exceptional as they make history yet again.

Manchester City have defended their Premier League title, as they are now the 2023 Premier League Champions. They also have a shot at taking the Champions League and the FA Cup.

Should Arsenal Be Disappointed?

While some are pointing fingers at the Gunners, with nothing but criticism and disappointment, as Arsenal loses the title. However, there is a silver lining to the whole situation, which many fail to see.

The Gunners have returned to the extraordinary form they once had. By finishing second, Arsenal have shown the potential they have. It is a guarantee that we will see Arsenal fighting for the championship next season too.

Moreover, despite losing the Premier League title, according to many, Arsenal won the most important title this season. That being a spot in the Champions League, as the Gunners return to the competition for the first time since 2016.

This Month in Premier League

The Fight For Top Four

While the top had its battle for the throne, there were several teams competing for a top-four spot this month. Manchester United, Newcastle, Liverpool, and even Brighton had claimed the right to one of the spots. However, with Arsenal and City way ahead, only two could ensure a Champions League spot.

In the end, Manchester United and Newcastle came out on top. Liverpool and Brighton took the fifth and sixth place, ensuring a place in the Europa League next season.

Relegation Line

At the moment, one thing is definitely dropping from the Premier League into the Championship, and that is Southampton. Leeds and Leicester are the other two below the line, and Everton are the ones in danger. Depending on the final round of the league, only one of the three will remain in the top league.

Golden Boot Candidates

It goes without saying that Erling Haaland is by far the biggest contender for the trophy this season. What Haaland has achieved this season is incredible, as he has broken numerous records. His total tally at the moment is 36 goals and eight assists.

Harry Kane is second according to numbers with 28 goals this season. However, the reason why Haaland is the favourite are not just the numbers. Overall, he has produced incredible results the entire season, keeping the needed consistency. While he is not the only reason why City prevailed this season, he was definitely a crucial factor.

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