Which Players Have Represented Two or More National Football Teams?

Representing your national team in a major football competition is the dream of every serious football player. However, now when the lines between nationalities are a bit blurred, we are getting more and more cases with footballers with dual citizenship. Some of them have been born to parents who fled their home country and never

Retired Football Numbers – Legendary Players and the Digits They Went Down in History With

Football fans and football players know exactly the value of the number they wear on the back of their shirts. Traditionally, it marks the position a player plays at. But in modern times, most teams and players have moved away from the standard format and have begun wearing not-so-standard numbers for their positions. Nwankwo Kanu,

Worst Fouls in Football | The Most Aggressive Players

Worst Fouls in Football

Most American football players would say that “soccer”, as they call it, is a delicate game. But is this really true? Most football fans would, of course, disagree. The reason is rather simple: there are many aggressive players who sometimes even commit very serious fouls. Have you ever thought about some of the most aggressive

Unwanted Players: Are There Players Who the Majority of Teams Decline?

While countless have achieved their dreams with football, there exists another side of the game, oftentimes overshadowed by the glamour. It’s a realm of the unwanted and discarded players who, despite their talent, find rejection from almost all clubs. Some retire, while some move to lesser leagues and continue to chase their dreams. Check out

5 Inspiring Football Players We Look Up To

Throughout history, there have been countless great players both when it comes to football skill and general behaviour. While we definitely can’t forget about some of the greatest of all time, such as Diego Maradona, Pele, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo Nazario, Franz Beckenbauer, Johan Cruyff and countless others.  Here, we focus on some more recent players and