Which Are the Highest Paid Premier League Players Per Season?

It’s not about the money; it’s about passion. I bet you’ve heard that a thousand times before when someone was telling you about why they started playing football. Yet, the one thing no one can turn a blind eye to is players’ salaries, often discussed in the media. I saw many debates about whether a

English Football Legends Who Inspired Young Players

There are many legends in football, particularly on the British Isles. Both the Premier League, the Championship, and any other league in Britain have their own inspiring players. Most of those legends have not only made a career for themselves but went on to inspire other, much younger players to start playing football. Some of

Premier League Yellow Card Stats | Most Undisciplined Players and Teams

Premier League Yellow Card Stats

We all like watching the Premier League. We enjoy the unique moments, amazing goals, captivating atmospheres, and games on the edge that end up with a late goal winner. However, there is a whole different side of football, an uncharming one that we tend to forget – Fouls. Especially fouls sanctioned by yellow cards. The

Craziest Football Goal Celebrations

Football is a sport filled with joy, emotions, tears and even anger. The emotion a footballer goes through after scoring a goal is something that cannot be described. Most of them celebrate this achievement in various quirky ways. Almost all the time, it results in a goal celebration that remains etched into the history of

Key Moments | The Most Tragic Missed Penalties in Football

Ever known a professional footballer who has never missed a penalty? Looking at the best players ever, I’m beginning to think that players with no missed penalties are a myth. Everyone makes mistakes. While this is more than obvious, some penalty shootouts were more tragic than the other ones. Let’s see what these “tragic” events

A Dutch Team Made Out of Suriname Football Players – The Greatest Team That Never Was

Suriname football players

Putting politics aside, multiculturalism in football is a big thing. Have you ever thought about how many players from one country represent a different one? It’s kind of a normal thing for people to move from one place to another. Such stories follow many footballers who grew up outside the country they were born in

How Many People Can the Largest Stadiums in the UK Take?

Different generations have witnessed different football spectacles throughout the decades. The TV broadcasts are no strangers to such events. Still, it’s the live emotion and feeling that can make us all passionate. In contrast to arenas and the majority of courts, football stadiums have always been larger, wider, and ready to take lots of spectators.