Which Premier League Clubs Will Qualify for the Champions League?

The Premier League is admittedly one of the best football leagues in the entire world. At the end of each season, as many as four teams get to qualify for the Champions League group stage.

The 2022/23 season was more than turbulent, and we already know about the first three clubs that will join the most elite European football competition. If you are wondering how they got there and what the fourth team to join the Champions League group stage will be, you can check out the lines that follow.

Man City

Manchester City won this year’s Premier League title. As there is only one round left now, and the Sky Blues have eight more points than the second-ranking Arsenal, it is obvious that they are the champions.

It was after a long fight with Arsenal that this team managed to prevail and take the first spot on the table. Currently, this club has 28 victories, five draws, and only four losses. They scored almost three times more goals than they conceded, as their goal difference ratio lies at 94-32 at the moment.

The top goalscorer for Man City this season was Erling Haaland, who’s scored 36 goals until now. The best assist-maker is Kevin De Bruyne, with 16 assists made by now.

Premier League Club Manchester City Qualification for Champions League


It came as a shock to many fans to find out that Arsenal couldn’t keep up with the pressure. They used to be the Premier League leaders throughout almost the entire season.

Still, City was at their heels all the time. After the Gunners tied three matches in a row and lost to the Citizens by 4:1, they switched places with them. Arsenal may not have won the title, but they definitely had some amazing performances.

The Gunners have gained 81 points and scored 83 Premier League goals this season. With 11 points more than Newcastle, which holds the third Premier League spot, there is no doubt that Arsenal will join the next season’s Champions League.

Premier League Club Arsenal Qualification for Champions League

Newcastle & Man Utd or Liverpool

Unlike the previous season, when they ranked 11th, Newcastle’s current position revolves around the third position on the table. The Magpies tremendously improved their performance.

One of the main reasons for this is that their financial situation got much better. Their money was well-spent on transfers. Yet, it wasn’t all about transfers. Lots of football experts and analysts give credit to their coach, Eddie Howe, for their great results.

Now, you might ask, what’s with the fourth team from the PL to join the Champions League? Man Utd and Liverpool are in the race for that spot. For the time being, United occupies the fourth place with 69 points. Liverpool is just behind, ranking fifth, with 66 points.

The Red Devils have three points more and one more match to play. In theory, they could lose both of them and if the Reds win their last match, they will qualify for the CL. However, more predictions list United as the one more likely to be part of the next season’s Champions League.

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