The Atalanta Story – The Incredible Rise of a Middle-Class Club to the Most Exciting Club in Europe

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You wouldn’t expect a small-time club with a modest budget to make it in the Italian Serie A, let alone in the Champions League. By all accounts, at least in modern football, that feat seems impossible. However, it just so happens that a small club from a middle-class town of Bergamo has managed to achieve

Serie A: Inter Milan vs Fiorentina Match Review

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Inter and Fiorentina finish their Serie A fixture with a goalless draw! Inter have already secured the position for the Champions League next season, but losing points now may eventually result in them dropping all the way to fourth. Inter’s skipper, Antonio Conte, was more than unhappy with his player’s performance citing that “The second 

Serie A: Juventus vs Lazio Match Review

Juventus players

Juventus finally managed to defeat Lazio this season and is edging closer to their 9th consecutive title. After losing their previous two games against the Biancocelesti, Juve turned the tables on pretty early and in the end achieved an important 2-1 victory. An interesting fact happened just before the game as Gonzalo Higuain suffered an