Nations League: October Recap and Highlights

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Matchdays 3 and 4 of the UEFA Nations League had a few surprises in store for their fans. Here are a few things that sum up this month’s meetups. Spain’s Loss After Spain practically mopped the floor with Ukraine in September with 4-0, no one could have predicted the result of their next meetup. Ukraine beat Spain 1-0, shocking everyone and

UEFA Nations League – Matchday 2, September 7

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Norway defeated Northern Ireland in a tremendous comeback. The positions of the teams are starting to shift. What other news is there for Matchday 2 of the UEFA Nations League? League A – Poland Bounces Back, Italy Scores a Win Bosnia and Herzegovina started strong with a goal from a penalty kick by Haris Hajradinovic.

UEFA Nations League – Matchday 1, September 5

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This weekend has seen the conclusion to Matchday 1 of the UEFA Nations League. It seemed that the action from Saturday could not be matched. However, September 5 brought us an impressive performance by Portugal. League A – Denmark Powerless Against Belgium, Portugal Dominates Croatia The match between Iceland and England very nearly finished without

UEFA Nations League – Matchday 1, September 4

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Matchday 1 of the UEFA Nations League continued to bring surprises on Friday. Here are the updates. League A – Italy Equalizes, Poland Passive Two matches of group 1 played out on September 4. Surprisingly, Italy had a bit of a challenge against Bosnia and Herzegovina. Despite solid ball control and strong attacks, it was