Top 10 Best Premier League Players of 22/23 Season So Far

England’s Premier League is regarded as one of the strongest football leagues. Seeing as it is halfway through the season, we take a closer look at the players’ performance.

The review of a player’s quality includes not only the statistics but also their overall performance. With that in mind, dive right and find out who the top players of the league are at the moment.

Top 10 Players of the League

There are many players who could be on the list of top players. However, some are simply better and have done more for their respective teams. The list of players according to all crucial elements is the following:

  1. Erling Haaland
  2. Marcus Rashford
  3. Bukayo Saka
  4. Kevin De Bruyne
  5. Martin Odegaard
  6. Casemiro
  7. Bernardo Silva
  8. Son Heung-min
  9. Harry Kane
  10. Alisson

However, the difference in quality between the players on the list is minimal. All of them have done a lot for their teams and easily earn a sport on the table. Similarly, a lot more players beyond the list are doing an excellent job. Let’s check out what makes the top three stand out.

Top 10 Best Premier League Players of 22/23 Season So Far

Erling Haaland

After many negative comments that Haaland won’t make it in the strongest football league, he has proven them wrong. Manchester City’s key forward is the top player of the Premier League for many reasons. To start, we inspect his current stats.

He is currently the top-scorer of the league, with an incredible 26 goals and four assists. With this, he is nine goals ahead of Harry Kane, who is in second place. Haaland simply has it all, speed, strength, height, and athleticism. He dominates in all aspects of the game, and you can see the respect he receives from other players.

Marcus Rashford

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford easily earns the spot among the three top Premier League players at the moment. His performances so far have brought United back in the top five of the league.

He is currently number four when it comes to goals scored, with 12 goals and three assists. Nonetheless, his overall performance is what matters, and Rashford excels in many aspects of the game.

Bukayo Saka

Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka was one of the key players in bringing the team to the top of the table. Despite being only in the 9th place of top scorers with eight goals and eight assists, he has done a lot more for his team.

Honourable Mentions

As mentioned, there are a lot more players who could easily find their names on this list. Each player brought something unique to their team. Whether it is attacking or defending prowess, it is difficult to list only ten players. Among many, a few honourable mentions include the following:

  • Ivan Toney
  • Aleksandar Mitrovic
  • Miguel Almiron
  • Bruno Fernandes
  • Kieran Trippier
  • Raphael Varane
  • James Madison

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