English Football Legends Who Inspired Young Players

There are many legends in football, particularly on the British Isles. Both the Premier League, the Championship, and any other league in Britain have their own inspiring players. Most of those legends have not only made a career for themselves but went on to inspire other, much younger players to start playing football.

Some of these English football legends rose up from the dust and made their way to fame. Others had an easier ride. But what connects them all is that they have done much more than most were hoping for them to achieve. There are two British football legends that we want to focus on, as each one of them had a different road to success.

English Football Legends 13

David Beckham

The former English captain and Manchester Utd player David Beckham is a household name when it comes to football. He started off with humble beginnings and began playing football simply because of the fact he loved it. He never once imagined as a kid that he would one day become Becks and would be married to a Spice Girl.

His dad’s dream came true when he started playing for the Red Devils. Bue young Beckham went above and beyond by becoming a legend of the club. Among all English football team players, current and retired, he has to be the one who has amassed the most fame.

He has become a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF UK and is now the owner of MLS’s Inter Miami. But at the same time, he has inspired more young boys to start playing football than you could possibly imagine.

Even though he hasn’t won a major silverware with the Tree Lions, Becks remains one of the most memorable England football team legends.

England Football Team Legends

Jamie Vardy

Jamie Vardy is a working-class hero. He represents the staple of what hard work and patience can give you if you work at it. Vardy hasn’t had the luck that most young players had when they were starting out. At the age of 23, he was playing for Stocksbridge Park Steels, a team from the 6th division of English football.

Two years later, he found himself in the Championship with Leicester City. He soon became their best player and top scorer and eventually earned promotion with the Foxes. However, his biggest feat was still in front of him. He helped Leicester lift their first EPL title during the 2019/20 season. At the same time, he was the best scorer in the league.

Vardy has been an underdog all of his life, and he prefers it that way. Even after becoming an English international, he stayed loyal to Leicester. He never left the East Midlands and has stayed with the club even after being relegated.

At 37 years of age, he is still with Leicester and will be playing Premier League football next year once again. Jamie is the true embodiment of what hard work and dedication can bring you. He is not nearly one of the best English football players ever, but he is the one that everyone should look up to.

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