Biggest Football Derbies in England

Fans in England live and breathe football. The most loyal of supporters cheer their teams on and off the pitch at every moment. Sometimes, the situation becomes so heated that it evolves into a rivalry. Whether it is a beef between two home teams, two dominant clubs in the league, or simply two teams that

Has Everton Ever Been Relegated

Everton Football Club is an English professional football club from Liverpool. In their long history, the Toffees certainly had their ups and downs, but has Everton ever been relegated? With recent events and a few terrible seasons, the club’s future is uncertain, and Everton relegation is no longer unimaginable. Let’s learn more about their history

Latest Football Injuries Plaguing Chelsea

The Blues are seriously struggling to keep their top spot in the Premier League. Looking at the Chelsea stats, we can tell something is not working. The club finished 12th in 2022 and are currently out of the top 10. Despite bringing in countless top-tier players, they can’t seem to find the combination. Moreover, their

Introducing: Everton FC!

Everton football club may today be only known as that lesser club from Liverpool. But a long time ago, Everton was the dominant club from Merseyside, and they were the ones making waves in the English top tier of football. In fact, the Toffees hold a record of being the most stable team in the

Introducing: Newcastle United!

Newcastle United FC, a name that resonates with passion, heritage and football fervour. The club was founded back in 1892  in the Heart of Newcastle upon Tyne. Since their creation, they have etched their name into the annals of football history. Learn more about the club, starting with their early history to the club they

Introducing: Liverpool FC

Do you love the English Premier League? Are you a fan of one of the clubs that made history so many times that everyone knows how legendary they are? Does the nickname “the Reds” sound familiar to you? Or, maybe, you’ve heard of the song called “You’ll Never Walk Alone”? That’s right. I’m here to

Introducing: Chelsea FC

According to many experts’ opinions, some clubs from the English Premier League belong to the category of the strongest, top-performing, and most popular clubs on the planet. One of those teams is Chelsea. The Blues, or the so-called Pensioners, together with clubs such as Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd, Man City and Tottenham, are one of