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Champions League – Liverpool Vs Midtjylland: Preview

Liverpool, the six-time champion of the Champions League is going to take on Midtjylland on their home turf. The match is scheduled for Tuesday at 21.00 CET. The Wolves are in for quite a challenge against the Reds.

The Reds

Though the match against Ajax could have gone either way, Tagliafico’s goal made all the difference. That is to say, Ajax’s captain scored a goal against his own team. This also happened to be the only goal of the match. Klopp’s side has to be grateful for such a gift. 

Unfortunately, van Dijk is probably not going to be back for the rest of the season. Still, the rest of their lineup could be more than enough to tackle the upcoming games.

There is a small downside to the match against the Wolves. While Anfield is their own stadium, Liverpool have not been able to defend it properly in the Champions League games of the recent past. However, this is still an amazing year for the Reds. They are, at the time of writing, at the top of the Premier League scoreboard. They are also second in group D, right behind Atalanta. Though both teams have won one game each, Atalanta is ahead on goal difference.

The Wolves

The visitors have their work cut out for them. Atalanta already obliterated them with a score of 4-0. This puts them at the bottom of group D. In case of a tie with any other team, Midtjylland is going to have to pay for allowing that. Their morale could be at an all-time-low. This is the toughest group to be in. They are facing Liverpool for the first time and don’t know what to expect. The fact that they are visiting is also a factor. Things are not looking good for the Wolves.


We predict Liverpool is going to win. The only question is: by how much? If their match against Atalanta is anything to go by, Midtjylland will likely not score any goals. Liverpool, on the other hand, does not need their first team to win the match. 

However, this also means the end result may not be as good. We predict either two or three goals for the Reds, slightly leaning towards two. In fact, this match may be the one that keeps the Wolves at the bottom of the group for a while. It’s going to be tough.

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