Mauricio Pochettino – Will He Succeed In Taking Chelsea to The Top?

Chelsea have finished the 2022/23 season in 12th place, which is their worst Premier League ranking since 1993. Arguably, the Blues were the worst that they have ever been and have a season that tehy would rather forget. Coaching changes, a new owner coming in, a splash of cash, and too many players on the

All the Important Football Championships to Look Out for This Year

With our football guide, you can learn about the most important football events in 2023. This year, there are quite a lot of interesting tournaments you can enjoy. And with such a tight schedule, our overview of the events can come in handy for all interested. Top Competitions in 2023 The most interesting football tournaments

Everything You Need to Know about the Carabao Cup 2023

The EFL Cup, known throughout history as the League Cup, is currently called the Carabao Cup due to sponsorship. The competition is an annual event with clubs from England’s four top leagues. It is one of the three most prestigious top-tier football competitions in England. However, it is widely regarded as the weakest of the