Jude Bellingham’s Brother Jobe Making Waves at Sunderland

Jobe Samuel Patrick Bellingham, Jude Bellingham’s Brother, recently made the move from Birmingham to Sunderland. His jump to a Championship club has raised many questions, and the biggest is: How good is Jobe Bellingham? Let’s check out his history and stats.

History of Jude Bellingham and His Brother

Currently most known as Jude Bellingham’s brother, Jobe is creating waves and working on establishing himself as an individual name. Jobe was born in Stourbridge on the 23rd of September 2005. At the age of 16, he moved to Birmingham’s Under 18 team. From here, as soon as he turned 18, he moved to the first team of the club.

His real potential isn’t seen in the stats, as he didn’t score a single goal in 26 games for Birmingham. However, many got an answer to the question of how good is Jobe Bellingham the second he moves to Sunderland.

Jude Bellingham’s Brother

Despite playing in the higher-tier league, this Jobe Bellingham transfer seems to be the right move for Jude Bellingham’s brother. Interestingly, he signed the deal the same day as his brother signed his deal with Real Madrid. So far, he has written his name on the list of goal-scorers in the 2nd tier of English football.

His brother was one of the most expensive transfers of the season once he moved to Real Madrid. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as Jobe is following in his brother’s footsteps and is evolving into a superstar player.

The history of Jude Bellingham and his brother was somewhat similar initially. Both started in Birmingham’s Under 18 team and moved to Birmingham’s regular lineup. However, Jude had a quicker rise to the top with his move to Borussia Dortmund, from where he moved to Real.

Jobe, on the other hand, is having a slower start but is no doubt reaching his brother’s level. We are hoping to see him move to some of the top clubs soon, where he can show what he is capable of.

Jobe Bellingham Stats

When it comes to Jobe Bellingham stats, we have seen quite a few great performances from Jude Bellingham’s brother. Check out how he handled himself in each of the clubs he was in so far.

Jobe Bellingham Stats

Birmingham and Birmingham U18 Team

His career as a professional football player started in Birmingham’s Under 18 team. Jobe played 12 games for the U18 team, and scored five goals. From there, he moved to the U21 team, but didn’t have much success in scoring and only had one assist.

He continued his unlucky season when it comes to goal-scoring when he moved to Birmingham’s standard team. In 21 games, he didn’t score a single goal. But, his quality was undoubtedly of the highest level.

So Far in Sunderland

While many were trying to avoid comparing Jude Bellingham’s brother to the current Real Madrid midfielder, it was unavoidable. Sunderland, the fans, and all football enthusiasts had high hopes for him, and Jobe has delivered so far.

While his role in the start was somewhat a more forward position in the absence of a real striker, it has changed recently. With the capacity to play in multiple positions, the team was looking for his ideal role. 

He managed to score two goals and record one assist so far. Recently, he dropped back to a midfield position, where he is starting to really resemble his brother in both quality and playstyle.

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