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Who Will Win the 2020 Champions League?

The Champions League is finally making a comeback at the start of August. The draw was already determined and the venues are set. But due to the unexpected situation with the coronavirus that has stopped sports everywhere in the world, we are getting a much different Champions League than we are used to.

The final stage is going to be held as a tournament where one match will determine the winner. So none of the teams can’t make mistakes on the road to title glory.

As far as things are going now, most people see Manchester City as the forerunner of winning the title. The Premier League is at its end and the Citizens are in good form, meaning that they are more than ready to continue playing football. Their first obstacle is in the last-16 against Real Madrid, who just won another Spanish League title.

The next team given the most odds is Bayern Munich. The Bavarian club has been stellar all season and has just won another Bundesliga title. But they did have the longest break out of all teams so it would be interesting to see how they fare.

PSG and Barcelona are not without their chances, as they are the third and fourth teams given the greatest odds to win. The biggest problem for the Paris-based team is that they haven’t played competitive football for a long time. But they are on the weaker side of the bracket and are seen as the greatest favorites for reaching the Champions League final.

Finally, Barcelona is still seen as a team that has the potential of capturing another Champions League trophy. However, they are in the worse possible form right now. If they are to compete for the trophy they have to get things in line as fast as possible.

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