Premier League season end

The Premier League Season End – What We Saw During the 2023/24 Season

The best of all the top five leagues, the Premier League, once again gave us a season to remember. The majority of clubs are very strong. However, the fact that the battle for the title was so intense only shows how competitive this league is.

It wasn’t until the very last round before the Premier League season end that we found out the title winner. How did the champions come to be? What about the journey of the rest of the top English clubs?

The Timeline: Premier League Season Start and End

It all started on 11 August 2023. As before, the Premier League featured the best 20 teams. The round-robin format also remained untouched. In other words, each club played against every other team twice, once as a home, and once as an away team. The club that collected the most points at the Premier League season end got to lift the trophy.

Premire Leage Season End

The Fierce Battle for the Trophy

The fight for the title between Arsenal, Liverpool, and City will probably remain one of the toughest ones in the Premier League. Admittedly, the Citizens, the Gunners, and the Reds were the strongest clubs this season.

No team lost more than five games in total. Also, Arsenal had the least number of draws (5). Together with City, the Gunners had the highest number of wins (28). As the end approached, Liverpool lost its pace and Arsenal and City went ahead.

A few rounds before the last one, the Citizens had two more points than the second-ranked Arsenal. Both teams faced some hard nuts to crack in this period. While many fans hoped that Arsenal could win the title for a change as it beat Everton in the last round, Man City also did well and secured the last three points. This was enough for them to end up as the top-ranking team in the Premier League.

Premier League season end 2024

Which Clubs Will Play in Europe in the Next Season?

Aside from the Champions League, the Europa League also introduced a new format. The same goes for the Conference League. The Premier League clubs that will play in the most elite contest, that is, the Champions League, are Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Aston Villa.

Tottenham was pretty close to Aston Villa, but the Spurs missed two points in order to join the Champions League. Instead, the North Londoners will play in the Europa League. Although far away from the fifth and sixth spot, Man Utd will play in the same contest as they won the FA Cup.

Finally, Chelsea, the club that ended up sixth, with three points less than the Spurs, will get to play in the Conference League.

Premier League Season End 2024: Saying Goodbye to 3 Teams

Every season, we have to say goodbye to the three worst-ranked teams in the Premier League. Sheffield, Burnley, and Luton are the ones to leave this season. Sheffield had the worst performance, as it gained only 16 points. On the other hand, Burnley took 24, and Luton took 26 points.Leicester, Ipswich, and Southampton are the newcomers to this league that we’ll see in the next season. The first two received direct promotions, whereas Southampton played in the playoffs before securing its spot there.

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