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Champions League – Real Madrid VS Inter Milan: Review

Real Madrid defeated Inter Milan in an action-packed match in group B of the UEFA Champions League. The game was anything but uneventful and the two giants were really close. Here is how the game played out.

First Half

Both teams made a few changes in their starting lineups. From the get-go, Real Madrid made an attack with Toni Kroos. Unfortunately, Handanovic missed it. This gave Inter a chance to counterattack. After a few missed shots from both teams, the tide shifted.

Karim Benzema scored the first goal of the match for Los Blancos in the 25th minute. Encouraged by this, Sergio Ramos scored his 100th goal for the club. It looked as though Real set the tone of the match.

Not to be outdone, Lautaro Martínez scored a goal two minutes after Ramos. The game slowed down somewhat and the first half ended with 2-1 for Real. Inter refused to back down.

Second Half

The start of the second half was decorated with fouls. At one point, Nicolò Barella fell and required treatment, but was okay to continue. Benzema failed in his attack and I Nerazzurri equalized.

Neither team lacked energy in their respective assaults. Unfortunately, this led to a few yellow cards and replacements. Real Madrid scored the last goal with Rodrygo in the 80th minute. Los Blancos led two attacks that did not finish successfully and the game was over. The final score was 3-2. Real won.


As expected, the match ended with Real’s victory. What is remarkable is the match between Shakhtar Donetsk and Borussia Moenchengladbach, which ended with 0-6. With that, Real is creeping up slowly to the top and still have a chance to reign supreme. So, Inter desperately needs a win to stay relevant in the group. On November 25, there is going to be a rematch. Will it be a reprise of what we have seen so far?

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