Newcastle United: What Does the Future Have in Store for Them?

Newcastle United is one of the feel-good stories of the season. Just a few years ago, they played in the Championship or were trying to stave off relegation from the Premier League. But after the multi-million purchase by the Saudi consortium, the Magpies became one of the richest clubs in the world.

Their success is definitely owed to their rich new owners. However, Newcastle United is a club with a very long tradition, and some people think that they deserve to be in the top flight of the Premier League.

The initial success brought a lot of excitement and hope to the Geordies, but will it continue, and where does the future for Newcastle lie?

Reaching the Finals of the Carabao Cup

Newcastle is currently in the race for the top four of the Premier League. But their most recent and also biggest success came with them reaching the finals of the Carabao Cup. Unfortunately, they lost to Manchester United, and a lot of people feel that they could have done much better in the game.

However, in my opinion, they still have room to grow and improve. The final of a major domestic cup is a good start. But winning one was never their priority. They are still in the rebuilding process and are doing everything smart.

Future For Newcastle United

Not Repeating the Mistakes of Other Rich Clubs

Most of you probably remember how Chelsea, Manchester City, and even PSG went about things when they got some extra cash. After being taken over by rich owners, these clubs started buying players left and right.

It actually took Chelsea 17 years to win the Champions League after Roman Abramovich bought the club. Man City and PSG still haven’t done it to this date. So spending big is not the best solution. It is spending smart that wins you trophies, and Newcastle is doing just that.

Big Signings, but No Super Star Signings

Newcastle has enough money to bring in players like Lionel Messi, Mbappe, or even Cristiano Ronaldo. But instead of adding superstars, the Magpies decided to bring in players that could bolster their lines.

Names like Matt Targett, Dan Burn, Chris Wood, and Kieran Trippier don’t really sound like they could win you a Champions League trophy. However, they made the Magpies one of the best defensive clubs in the league.

Next came Nick Pope, Bruno Guimaraes, Sven Botman, and Alexander Isak. Still not the championship team that you would expect from the richest club in the world. But Eddie Howe has done an excellent job as manager. He showed that under his tutelage Newcastle has a bright future ahead.

What Does the Future Hold for the Magpies?

Obviously, Newcastle is not set on winning any trophies just yet. They started slowly, and they are probably going to continue in the same manner. So rushing things might only interrupt the team’s chemistry and success.

My opinion is that Newcastle deserves a place in Europe next season. It should be a short-term goal for them. Even though they have the potential to reach the Champions League this season, they are honestly a Europa League club at this moment.

They should take the knowledge learned from this season and bring it to the next. With a couple of new signings and some experience playing in Europe, Newcastle has the potential to compete for the Premier League title and also play an integral part in the Champions League. However, this should be their plan for a couple of upcoming seasons.

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