Unwanted Players: Are There Players Who the Majority of Teams Decline?

While countless have achieved their dreams with football, there exists another side of the game, oftentimes overshadowed by the glamour. It’s a realm of the unwanted and discarded players who, despite their talent, find rejection from almost all clubs. Some retire, while some move to lesser leagues and continue to chase their dreams. Check out some of the untold stories of unwanted football players.

Harry Maguire

Manchester United’s central defender was one of the most expensive defensive players ever. The former captain of the Red Devils has lost not only his captaincy but also his spot as a starter. After countless mistakes on the pitch, Erik ten Hag decided to move in the other direction.

While there was some interest in the English player from West Ham, the deal went south after Maguire refused to leave. Due to the poor decision-making on the field and critiques from the players and fans, Maguire has no options left.

The future of Harry Maguire remains uncertain. But, for now, he will remain in United, at least until the end of his 2024/25 contract. United were even willing to sell the player for £30 million, despite paying him around £80 million at the time.

The negotiations are still open, but would require the Hammers to cough up a bit more money. It is still unclear how the deal will go on, but it certainly tells the tragic story of Maguire and his dislike.

Romelu Lukaku

The Belgian striker, Romelu Lukaku Bolingoli, was one of the most prominent offensive players in the last couple of years. After finding his way around the Serie A and the Premier League, he has earned quite a reputation.

Nonetheless, after being cast out by Mauricio Pochettino, Romelu is left stranded at Chelsea with nowhere to go. At the moment, he is training with the under-21 team, and there is seemingly no place for him in the A-Team.

Unwanted Players by Top Clubs

Eden Hazard

In 2019, Eden Hazard made the move from Chelsea to Real Madrid for a stunning £130m. However, this is easily one of the worst transfer deals for Madrid. After five years with Los Blancos, Hazard has failed to show even a fraction of his estimated value at the time.

After five years with Real, Eden has some abysmal stats. He has made only 76 appearances and scored only seven goals with 12 assists. His market value dropped from the estimated £130m to a lowly £5m as he is now without a club.

While there are rumours of a potential Crystal Palace move, Eden’s career still remains questionable. Retirement seems like one of the options for the Belgian striker.

Destiny of Unwanted Players

Free Agents and Old Guard

There are countless other once-extraordinary players who are having trouble finding a club. You will find countless A-list players still looking for a club with little to no interest from top-flight clubs.

Among the most sound household names on the list of free agents, you will find David de Gea, Jesse Lingard, Sergio Ramos, and many more. While they aren’t necessarily unwanted, they are still struggling to find a suitable club.

Luckily for some of the Old Guard players such as Ronaldo, Neyman, etc., the Saudi League remains a safe haven. The Saudis continue to make incredible offers to players at the summit of their careers. Following in the footsteps of their predecessors, many youngsters moved East.

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