UEFA European Championship 2020 Resources – Blogs and News Sites to Follow

Given that the UEFA Euro 2020 is nearing and the qualification matches are already being played, people’s attention is slowly turning from inner country tournaments like Ekstraklasa towards the championship, with the idea of staying updated throughout the long period of qualification and knowing all about betting on Euro 2020 being the topmost in the minds of football fans. Therefore, following reliable and frequently updated news sources to get the most recent football news and football results.

The world of online media is full of various sites which you can use to read up on the news, some good, come bad. Expert sites are the ones you should turn to, and as the UEFA Euro 2020 is getting closer and closer, bookmarking them should be a priority. Here are the best sites that you should bookmark related to the upcoming 2020 European Championship.

FourFourTwo – The Hardcore Fans’ Sanctuary

When talking about analysis and nitpicky information, FourFourTwo is among the best if not the best sites. With experts discussing the minute details of everything football related. They have multiple daily articles, upwards of 10 per day, meaning enough football news for even the most hardcore fans. The fans on the go can also download their mobile app and get the latest football news without the hassle of loading the page on a browser. The mobile site is also optimized, but native applications are almost always faster, and in the case of FourFourTwo, it is definitely so.

Bleacher Report – A Community-Focused Alternative

To put things into a different perspective, instead of experts (not to say that there aren’t experts posting on Bleacher Report), a community of posts is what you can find on their eponymous site. It started as a project where anyone could post articles about all kinds of sports, which ended up with them having a lot of mixed content which greatly varied in quality. The years and experience of the people behind the site eventually led to it being one of the best sports news sites. You might not get the pompous talk of an expert, but plenty of people find the everyday lingo of a PES player much more appealing. They also have a mobile app which is faster and can keep you updated on the latest football news.

Goal – News on the Go and Goals

If news is purely what you are after then Goal has you covered. Their site is translated into 16 different languages. It also has 20 variations of the English language, so finding one you understand should not be an issue. They deal strictly with football, and if you want to know almost everything going on in the world of football at the moment, then you should add them to your list of sites in order to get all the relevant football news regarding the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifications and finals. Like the previous sites, they also offer their own mobile application.

Soccerbase – Stats for Nerds

Soccerbase is where you go if you are planning on placing a bet on one of your favorite teams. If your betting game is in a slump, expert advice and statistics which you can get over at Soccerbase can provide you with what you need to make that super recovery. It is worth noting that while statistics are amazing in their own way, gambling is something not to be taken lightly.

Football results are found here, among other things like a team’s current form and performance level, and the expert opinion on a match or team. While a mobile application is missing, the stats are available in a mobile-optimized format.

Transfermarkt – Gear Up for the 2020 Summer Transfer Window

There are always talks during the offseason and the winter months of who is going where and why. Once the summertime hits, the talks are renewed. In football, talks of transfers are always around, even though they are slightly muffled by the talks of the results and matches during the season.

Transfermarkt is a comprehensive site which offers data about transfers, rumors, talks and everything related to player transfer in football. Data about a player’s value is also available, as well as its progress through the years. Transfers are a very big part of football news, so stay tuned if you are following teams other than the national ones.

Reddit – Specifically r/soccer

While some might make a fuss about the subreddit being called soccer instead of football, that makes no difference to the sheer amount of news you might get there. Since Reddit only puts the most upvoted posts on the first page, you would have to browse a bit to find the niche news. It is always worth to lurk it, especially due to a great mobile app. While Reddit users do plenty of things wrong, they tend to post frequently and keep the rest of the members updated on the latest football news. It is worth mentioning that the subreddit has 1.5 million members.

Google – A Very Likely Ally

Google has a very decent way of presenting the latest statistics and results of a match or championship you search for, no matter the sport. Swimming, football or esports, the schedule and results table at the top of the page are always there to help you with immediate results and feedback. If what Google offers is not enough, turning to any of the sites on the first page should do the trick, which should, for the most part, be the ones mentioned above, minus Reddit. Reddit is a different beast and other news and media sites have to compete for who gets the first spots for football news and results.

A Bit of Everything – The Tools of the Trade

It is far more likely that a combination of these sites and applications will be the best solution, as opposed to a single site. Not all sites have the same type of articles or the same level of depth or even cover the same areas. Some are strictly oriented towards football results while others deal with football news, to the most minute details. Others are like a forum, where social engagement is as important as the news.

News flows and especially so when the qualifications for the European Championship are being played. Arming yourself with all these tools and resources is what will help you keep track of everything going on. The next year is going to be very exciting for football fans everywhere, but especially Europeans. With these sites, you should be able to stay updated on the relevant football news.

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