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Lionel Messi May Be Leaving Barcelona

Lionel Messi is considering leaving Barça. Marcelo Bechler was the first to report the news on Twitter. This comes after the devastating loss of 8-2 in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. The team did not take well their defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich. Losing against a titan like Bayern is one thing. After all, Bayern won their sixth title this year. However, a team like Barcelona should not have allowed such a goal difference. This could be the straw that broke Messi’s back.

Release Clause

One of the ways for Messi to leave Barcelona would be to trigger the escape clause in his contract. This clause allows him to leave the club for free, as long as he gives a month’s notice. However, this way out may have already expired. So far, the only clubs that can offer Messi a way out are PSG or Manchester City. While other clubs would love to have him, it is a question of whether they can afford him.

Messi’s potential new home is still going to have to pay a lot to have such a star in their midst. However, what Messi would probably like is a place where he could end a season in a satisfying way, rather than just a profitable position.

Possible Replacements

It is hard to predict potential replacements that are realistic. Lionel Messi is a part of what makes Barcelona appealing as a club. It would be interesting to see the combo of Messi and Neymar, for example. Unfortunately for Barça, this just might happen with Paris Saint-Germain. It is even possible for the club not to recruit a footballer from another team. Instead of searching for big names in the last ten years, the team should focus their attention elsewhere. Specifically, young Ansu Fati has a lot of potential.

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