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Europa League 2020: Semi-Finals Review

Sevilla vs Man Utd

Sevilla are widely considered Europa League specialists and they have once again justified why this is the case. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s side took the lead in the first half with Bruni Fernandes through a penalty kick, only for the score to become 1-1 with Suso scoring in the 26th minute. What sealed the fate of the Red Devils was Luuk de Jong in the 78th minute. While Sevilla’s offense was impressive, one of the heroes of the match was definitely Bono. He prevented United from scoring more than that single goal from the penalty kick in the first half. Yassine Bounou was a defense machine. Even with the additional 6 minutes, the Red Devils could only watch as Sevilla cemented their spot in the finals.

Shakhtar Donetsk vs Inter Milan

Shakhtar Donetsk, as it turned out, barely stood a chance against Inter Milan. Romelu Lukaku now boasts 33 goals in the season, two of which he scored against Shakhtar. The game itself had a slow start until Nicolò Barella set-up the ball for Lautaro Martínez, who scored the first goal in the first half. Shakhtar bounced back and had the possession of the ball for two-thirds of the first half. Unfortunately, they could simply not break Inter’s defense. They also had the ball for the most part of the second half, but it did not do them any good, as almost all of it was in their half. Danillo D’Ambrosio sealed Shakthtar’s fate with the final goal.

After obliterating their opponents, Inter is going to face Sevilla in the Europa League Final on Friday. The final is likely going to be action-packed, especially considering that this is the first time these two teams have ever met.

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