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EPL: Leicester City vs Manchester United Match Review

In a head-to-head clash for the top four of the Premier League, Manchester United managed to defeat Leister at their King Power Stadium by 2-0. It was a dull affair, to say the least. We didn’t see much of football as both sides were tense. The stakes were high for this one so it was natural that both the Red Devils and the Foxes played cautiously throughout the whole game.

After a goalless and uneventful first half, the first goal came late in the 69th minute of the game. Antony Martial was sandwiched in the box by Jonny Evans and Wes Morgan, which meant a clear penalty for the Red Devils. Bruno Fernandes confidently stepped up and coolly bagged the penalty.

Leicester kept pressing on but the only thing they managed to achieve was Evans getting himself sent off with a second yellow card.

The final score was set by none other than Jesse Lingard, who has been missing in action the whole season. After Schmeichel tried to dribble, Jesse clearly took the ball off him and bagged the dagger in the 98th minute of the game.

Manchester United finish third as they secure the spot for the Champions League group stage. As for the Foxes, they miss out on the UCL as they finish fifth on final matchday for a direct Europa League spot.

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