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Champions League 2020: Final Preview

Bayern Munich is facing a tough opponent in Paris Saint-Germain at 21:00 CET on August 23. The venue of the final match of the Champions League will be the Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica. Interestingly enough, both Bayern and PSG have won their semifinal matches with the same scoreline: 3–0. Like all the previous matches in the season, this one will also feature no audience. 

This is the first time for Paris Saint-Germain to reach the stage for the first time and it would mean a lot to the club if they could get their hands on the trophy. This would also qualify them for the UEFA Super Cup. PSG might receive backup, as Navas could return for the final as the keeper. Neymar is another trump card of the French team.

Bayern have ruthlessly climbed to the top. Their most impressive victory was the one against Barcelona with 8–2. If they score three more goals, they will equal Barcelona’s record for the number of goals in a campaign – 45.  Robert Lewandowski scored 15 of them, making him the second-best scorer in the Champions League. 

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