March 22, 2023
  • March 22, 2023
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UEFA Euro 2021 Play-Off Finals: Recap

by on November 12, 2020 0

We finally have the list of all the teams that are going to be competing in the UEFA Euro 2020. The final four slots have been filled via play-offs by Hungary, Slovakia, Scotland, and North Macedonia. Here is how the play-offs went. Hungary-Iceland: 2-1 Five minutes into the match, Iceland’s captain, Gylfi Sigurðsson obtained...

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Euro 2020 Play-Off Semifinals: Highlights

by on October 9, 2020 0

In November 2019, the fixtures of the Euro 2020 play-off semifinals were determined by draws. The semifinals were scheduled and played on October 8. We can expect the play-off finals on November 12. It is refreshing to see the teams clashing, considering the original prognosis for postponing the Euro 2020. Here are some of...

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Must-Know Facts About the Postponed Euro 2020

by on July 7, 2020 0

As you may or may have not heard, we are not getting the European Competition in 2020 as planned. In fact, we may not be getting a lot of sports as well. Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, many sports competitions have either been postponed or completely scrapped. The Champions League will...

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Euro 2020 Officially Postponed by 12 Months

by on March 17, 2020 0

UEFA, the governing body of European football, made it official that Euro 2020 is going to be postponed. The unexpected situation with the outbreak of COVID-19 has put football and all of the sports on hold for an unpredicted period of time. The only way to ensure the safety of the people involved and...

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Best of Euro 2020 Qualifiers

by on September 30, 2019 0

Apart from The UEFA Champions League, qualifications for Euro 2020 are quite an interesting sports event to follow this autumn. The group phase is still being played, but there are at least half of the matches left, and this is only the beginning. If you love reading about football in general, however, and you’d...

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