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Winners and Losers After Transfer Deadline Day

The transfer window closed on Monday and there are some people and clubs that got the better end of the deal. Others, on the other hand, were not so fortunate. Here are some of the winners and losers after the deadline.

Barcelona and Messi – Losers

Lionel Messi is going to stay with Barcelona until next summer. However, Barcelona failed to impress their star player. They haven’t managed to enlist any of the big names that were on the table. Furthermore, Luis Suárez went to Atlético Madrid. The tensions keep rising between Messi and Barça.

Aston Villa and Watkins – Winners

Ollie Watkins joined Aston Villa on September 9. His transfer fee was 28 million euros, but that could rise to 33 million. Watkins has already proven himself while playing for Brentford. Furthermore, his hat-trick versus the champions Liverpool in the game that ended with 7-2 makes it clear that Aston Villa has nabbed a good player for their team.

Manchester United – Losers

There is no way to say this nicely. Manchester United is not doing well. Unlike other clubs, United seemed to have no discernible transfer strategy. They failed to get Jadon Sancho because they were playing mind games. Ultimately, they were forced to fight for scraps, finally landing Edinson Cavani. A few more misses like this and Manchester United is not going to be an elite football club their fans know and love.

Tottenham Hotspur – Winners

The Spurs had a slow start, but they are slowly coming around. The defeat they suffered by Everton clearly made them more focused on matches to come. They also managed to get Gareth Bale on a loan from Real Madrid, along with Sergio Reguilon. These are not the only new additions to the team, so we expect the Spurs to stir things up a bit.

Chelsea – Unsure

Chelsea has gotten their hands on some high-quality players and they spared no expense to do so. Timo Werner, Kai Havertz, and Thiago Silva are just a few of the stars that joined this team. However, as we have seen in their match against Liverpool, top talent is not enough. The team must also learn to work together. Still, we are inclined to put Chelsea together with other winners. Acquiring this much talent this season is quite a feat. With this lineup and enough time, they may be able to take on the Reds in the future.

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