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What to Expect in UEFA Euro 2020

Once more, the Euro Championship is soon to be upon us. Some will go to the games to support their country, while others will do it at home. There will even be those that will try to fit it into their schedule of catching up with the soaps, playing games, and fiddling on their phone to bet on Tour de France. Here are the current standings of the qualifiers.

Group A

Kosovo proved its worth in Group A with 1 win and two draws. The team held their own against Bulgaria and Montenegro, as well as stealing a win from the former of the two. The other teams in the group include England and the Czech Republic, both of which have qualified.

Group B

Ukraine and Luxemburg will be playing in the tournament if they keep their scores at the top. Serbia and Portugal have been guaranteed playoffs and if Lithuania doesn’t step up their game, they will be watching it from home.

Group C

Germany and Northern Ireland have suffered no defeats so far, with the Netherlands and Belarus being given a second chance. Belarus is nothing the Dutch shouldn’t be able to handle, seeing as how their match in March left their opponents in the Netherlands’ dust with 4-0.

Group D

The Republic of Ireland stands proud at the top of the group so far with 10 points. It would have been higher, had there not been a draw against Denmark. Speaking of Denmark, they are in the second place, but just barely, with Switzerland and Georgia having but a point and two behind, respectively. So far, Gibraltar cannot catch a break.

Group E

Hungary is at the top with a single loss from the second place in the group, Slovakia. Croatia has the same number of points as Slovakia, but the team will have to try harder if they are to remain. Wales still has a shot at getting into the tournament, but Azerbaijan has not been so fortunate.

Group F

Spain is among the favorites to win in 2020, with 12 points and no losses to their name. Sweden and Romania have 7 points each and Norway will be playing in the playoffs. Malta and the Faroe Islands are currently at the bottom of the group.

Group G

Both Poland and Israel will likely be playing in the final tournament. Latvia is at the bottom of the group with the unbelievable 4 losses.

Group H

France and Turkey have had a strong start so far, with 9 points each. Iceland is right behind them with the same number of points. All three teams won 3 and lost 1 match.

Group I

Belgium and Russia have the most points. Scotland has been underwhelming so far, but they are guaranteed the playoffs, so there is still a chance for them.

Group J

Finally, in Group J, Finland is lagging behind Italy, though their playoffs are assured, so the team can even afford to relax a bit. Good luck to all, and may the best teams win, (or qualify, as it were).

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