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What Are the Top Football Brands in the World?

Are there any teams you rooted for when you were a child? Apart from your local team, I mean. Why do you suppose that is? Why is it that, as an adult, when someone uses a mobile betting app to place a wager on football, certain teams hog the spotlight? This is because these teams are recognizable brands. Today, we will cover the top 6 football brands in the world. We won’t focus on who’s got a better striker, or the best defense. This list serves only to rank these teams based on their brand value.

Manchester United

What do you know, Mancs are famous all over the world. The club is over 140 years old, it won nearly 70 trophies, has over 600 million followers and is, hands-down, the most popular football club in the world. Their kits are made by Adidas, and their stadium is always packed. It’s true – if you want one of 75,000 seats at the Old Trafford in the UK, best be prepared well in advance. The brand value has been appraised at $1,895 million in 2018. They are especially popular in China.

Real Madrid

Adidas provides clobber to this team, as well. Real Madrid is not only famous in Europe, but also in Asia and the US. Worth about $1,573 million, this club is very connected to Latin America. Its rise to fame was especially apparent in the 1950s when they won consecutive European cups. Ask any child if they’ve heard of Ronaldo, Zidane, or Pepe, and you will see just how strong this brand is.

FC Barcelona

Breathing down Real Madrid’s neck with a brand value of $1,511 million is FC Barcelona, founded in 1899. One of the reasons for the value of the brand is the deal with Nike (the largest deal on the list) and Rakuten. In 2018, the strength of the brand was slightly above Real Madrid’s. Still, it is unclear who will come up on top in the future. Lionel Messi is the star of the club that is “more than a club”.

FC Bayern Munich

After coming into existence just a year after the previous entry, in 1900, FC Bayern Munich is the most popular club in Germany and one of the top brands in the world. The club has offices in China and the US, which is no small feat, considering the general opinion of the Americans when it comes to football. They are professional, make quick calls, and making the biggest commercial revenues in the world. Arjen Robben, James Rodriguez, and Thomas Müller are just some of the names that keep the team very close to the top.

Manchester City FC

While ranking lower than United, Manchester City FC is a force to be reckoned with. They are currently very much focused on making their brand global, paying special attention to properly representing their club in the US, South America, Spain, and Japan. With the brand value of $1,331 million and the brand strength of 88.6, they are still on the rise. Who knows? They might even join Manchester United at the top one day.

Liverpool FC

This goes to show that the UK has the most successful teams when it comes to brand strength. Even those that are not keen on football know about the long-standing rivalry between Liverpool FC and Manchester United. The brand welcomes new players of all ages, and the expansion of their stadium has helped them in their quest to strengthen their brand. The value of the club is estimated at $1,204 million, though the brand strength would put Liverpool way higher on this list – 92.2.

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