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The Best Soccer Bookmakers – Find Your Luck with the Best

Online bookmakers are not such a novel thing nowadays. They have been here for a while now and some of them built a very strong reputation over time. Reading reviews helps with finding a good bookmaker and skipping the bad, or the suspect ones. Some of them offer bonus codes, however, so be on the lookout when you read reviews.

However, that is an extra layer of research you can always do. If you’re feeling lazy, here is a list of sites that you can choose from, all of them good.


This has to be one of the oldest sites out there. They were first established in 1985. They weren’t a site at that time yet they joined the world of online bookmakers as soon as technically possible. Not only that, their customer service is spot on and they allow high stakes betting, without ever locking your account. You are likely to find many 5 number bets there. They also offer a plethora of sports to bet on. Soccer is one of those sports, and if you’re feeling lucky, you can bet a lot of money.


This is another bookmaker with a stellar reputation. Launched in 2001, they have built their brand over good customer support and many things to bet on, not to mention rapid payments and even advertisements. Yes, they are advertised in the UK, and for a good reason, because they are a very good bookmaker. Soccer fans love this site, especially, as it is quite comprehensive and offers a lot to bet on, special kinds of bets. This site has its app available on all devices, mobile and otherwise. You can bet from whichever device you want.


This site started on rocky grounds. They were forced to change their management twice in 5 years. It’s not a bad thing in itself, as those changes lead to them becoming a reputable site, something they were definitely not prior to the said changes. They became one of the best sites that you can bet on. They are favored by many and recommended even though they used to be blacklisted. This is something not many bookmakers come back from, if any at all.

They came back swinging, offering you options to bet on a lot of sports, including soccer. This is also available on many mobile devices, including the favorites, the iOS ones and the Android ones.


This is an international brand which offers online betting as well. They are a public company, in business since 1997, meaning that they have over 2 decades of experience with online betting. They offer lots of sports and are very trustworthy. Transactions are easy and fast to process and there are no fees.

These sites will get you going on your soccer betting journey. If you need more sites, you will surely be able to find them. Just make sure to read a couple of reviews to make sure that they are legitimate.

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