Most Popular Football Teams

Who are some of the world’s most known teams? Each team strives to become the most popular, the most successful, the most known. It’s an everyday struggle for everyone honestly. People want to be the best at something and become known for their performance.

Rather than watching hours of football games or reading all there is to know about football teams and trying to come up with your own conclusions, here is a nicely curated list of the most popular football teams. Have fun!

Manchester United

Over 75 million followers throughout social media stay up to date with Manchester United. They have a sponsorship through Adidas and Chevrolet, making their names pop up everywhere.

It’s not just through social media where they score the top, but in reality, they also have over 600 million fans throughout the world. They come very close to skidding right next to Real Madrid and Barcelona, but because of the support they get from their fans, they are the first.

They have been known as the richest for 10 years straight during the early 2000s and if that doesn’t tell you something, they got 75 million Euros a year with a sponsorship through Adidas.

Real Madrid

With over 100 million followers on social media everywhere, you would think they would have to be number one.

Their sponsorship with Adidas is also a big help to them, pulling in around 34 million Euros every year.

They are known as the world’s most successful team because of the fact they scored 63 trophies and 10 titles in Europe. Also, they took over the title of being the richest club since Manchester United and are still growing.

To help their popularity, they also have made themselves known through television in many different countries. Striving to get to the top of the viewing lists is hard, but they managed to pull through and get their way on the surface.


This team scores around 100 million followers on social media too. Their sponsor is Nike, and from what most people know, it’s a very highly successful company. From them they make around 28 million Euros every year, and while doing so, they are becoming more popular.

Being the most successful football club in the world, they have won the Champions League 3 times, and not too many others can say the same about that. Out of the top two, Barcelona is still the most followed on social media.


Fifty million people follow this club on social media. They are very well liked around the globe and with lots of support in over 900,000 shirts of their team being sold back in 2015.

They are also sponsored by Adidas which brings them in around 30 million Euros each year. Because of Roman Abramovich, the club has risen very high in their popularity and grew to become one of the biggest clubs ever.

They’ve won quite a few titles and even the Champions League which was seen and noted. They are now one of the few who are famous.

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