Euro 2024 Teams | Who Are the Favourites to Win?

Out of 24 teams that will be participating in this year’s 2024 Euros, only a handful of them can be called the favourites to win. The change of format and expanding the competition from 16 to 24 teams only gave more opportunities to teams not only to qualify to win as well.

Today, we talk about the 2024 teams slated to win the competition and top favourites for Euro 2024.


The Three Lions are always in the tightest circle of favourites, no matter the competition. But this year, they are definitely at the top of the Euros. They have the most quality and most expensive players. Definitely a team that could easily run any other nation off the pitch.

However, this is usually the story with England at every competition. More often than not, they tend to disappoint and lose out on the opportunities presented to them. But the result at Euro 2020 and their reaching the finals breathes life into fans’ hopes and the entire Gareth Southgate’s side.


After England, France definitely has the most quality players. They are an experienced team led by a great coach. Didier Deschamps has been leading Les Bleus for years now and has already won a World Cup with them. Now it may be time for them to capture a new trophy. The one eluding them for some time was the European Championship.

Out of all Euro 2024 favourites, France probably has the best player of all. Kylian Mbappé is a player to watch at the Euros and who has the capacity to make a difference on the pitch. Perhaps it is his time to shine the brightest.

Euro 2024 Teams


As the Euro 2024 host, Germany is seen as one of the teams that could potentially go all the way. Die Elf have been down on their luck in recent times. They have been disappointing at every major tournament as of late. But everyone hopes that it is finally time to end their bad luck streak.

Julian Nagelsmann has been appointed as coach of the German national team. Under his tutelage, they have been doing well. If they continue their form and make it out with all wins from their Euro 2024 groups, they could bring joy to their nation and home fans.

Favourites to Win Euro


After capturing the Nations League a few years ago, Furia Roja is determined to go all the way. Spain always comes with a quality side packed with talented players. While their players don’t have the same pedigree as the Spanish side that won back-to-back Euros, this one has better team chemistry.

Playing team football is something that could help Spain lift the trophy once again. Euro 2024 predictions don’t really see them as the top contender. But they are definitely one of the best teams in Germany. Much will depend on how they traverse the group stage, as they will be playing against Italy and Croatia. If they manage to win against both, they will definitely come out as favourites to win Euro 2024.

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