Dusan Vlahovic Rumoured to Join Man Utd

One of the more interesting rumours in the football world is the one of Dusan Vlahovic’s transfer. After the 15-point deduction for the Serie A giant Juventus for financial irregularities, the team is in slight turmoil.

La Vecchia Signora’s fans and management are not too content with the Serb’s overall performance. At the moment, Dusan Vlahovic has eight goals and two assists. There are some speculations and a few teams that have shown interest in the striker, primarily United. Find out more below.

Why Is Dusan Vlahovic Leaving?

The fans and the management of La Vecchia Signora are not happy with their striker’s performance. Vlahovic’s game after the World Cup seems to be in decline, as he seems detached from every game he plays.

His performance in crucial games is insufficient for the team’s desires. The current estimate of his price is around €75.00m. But, depending on the discontent the Juventus number 9 continues to feel, his departure could be underpaid.

Football Rumours

Manchester United Rumours

While the Red Devils were initially the most interested team in Dusan Vlahovic. Allegedly, the deal was struck between Juventus and United to sell this 23-year-old striker for between €100m and €120m. But the Serb’s agent pulled out of the January transfer window negotiations.

At the moment, Erik ten Hag no longer seems interested in the Old Lady’s striker. But, the rumours of Dusan Vlahovic leaving Turin remain. Allegedly several other teams are on hold and in negotiations with the management of Juventus.

Latest Rumours

There are numerous rumours about the striker’s transfer opportunities. Arsenal, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Newcastle United and many more are seemingly interested. However, while it is still unclear whether, and where he will go, some sources say he is likely to go to Arsenal.

The Premier League surely is tempting for many players as it is regarded as the strongest of the five leagues. However, seeing how Vlahovic refused the opportunity last year and chose Juve, this is the primary reason for our scepticism of the Arsenal transfer.

Another club showing interest are Chelsea. The Blues are looking for some additional improvements, despite making a few transfers in January. They are not satisfied with how things are going at the moment, and Vlahovic is on their shortlist.

Lastly, one of the potential clubs that we could see showing interest in Vlahovic are Real Madrid. Despite their excellent results, they will need to find a substitute for the 35-year-old Karim Benzema.

The story intertwines, as another option for Real Madrid is Gabriel Jesus. So, it remains to see what will happen in the next transfer window. But, Vlahovic is likely to leave Juve, and there is a more than a decent chance it will be a move to the Premier League club.

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