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Champions League Matchday 5 – Tuesday Recap

Shakhtar Donetsk took Real Madrid by surprise. Atlético Madrid managed a draw against Bayern. These are just a few events that marked Matchday 5 of the Champions League. Here is how Tuesday’s matches went.

Atlético Madrid – Bayern: 1-1

Bayern is the undisputed king of Group A. Still, it was impressive that Atlético succeeded in getting a goal in and breaking Bayern’s streak of victories. Even more so, when they suffered no fewer than 4 goals during Matchday 1. Bayern currently have 13 points, as opposed to Atlético Madrid, who have 6 points.

Lokomotiv Moscow – RB Salzburg: 1-4

RB Salzburg broke their losing streak and achieved their first victory. Lokomotiv Moscow fell to last place in Group A with 3 points. The only question remaining is the one concerning who gets to come in second in the group.

Mönchengladbach – Inter MIlan: 2-3

In a surprising twist, Inter stepped up and brought Mönchengladbach down a peg. We thought Real Madrid was going to be the only serious threat. However, it is too close now to call the winner of Group B.

Shakhtar Donetsk – Real Madrid: 2-0

Shakhtar Donetsk did not allow Real Madrid to retaliate. It was Dentinho, along withManor Solomon, who scored one goal each in the second half. The teams have 7 points each.

Porto – Man City: 0-0

It may not look impressive at first glance. However, this match broke the winning streaks of both Porto and Man City. City is now running much like Bayern – 13 points with the last match ending in a draw.

Marseille – Olympiacos: 2-1

Dimitri Payet scored two goals from penalty kicks. This happened in the second half, as Marseille was waking up. Both Marseille and Olympiacos now have one victory and 3 points each in Group C.

Liverpool – Ajax: 1-0

This was the 15th match Liverpool won against an opponent from the Netherlands. With Atalanta close behind, Liverpool needed this win and Curtis Jones provided it. This cemented Klopp’s team at the top of Group D. Liverpool has 12 points and Ajax 7.

Atalanta – Midtjylland: 1-1

Midtjylland redeemed themselves this season. This was the closest they have come to victory all season. Atalanta had their opportunity of catching up to Liverpool, but it is now gone. Atalanta and Ajax are really close to each other. Matchday 6 is going to be their final showdown. They have 8 points, as opposed to Midtjylland, who now have 1 point.  Midtjylland is going to face off against the Reds on December 9.

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