Wrexham Promotion – Going Up Twice in a Row

AFC Wrexham is going up two years in a row. It is official now, as the team from Wales and one of the oldest clubs in the world, has secured promotion to League One. Wrexham came into the spotlight a few years ago when they got wealthy new ones. None other than Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney became the club’s owners and invested heavily into it to get them to the Premier League.

The problem was that Wrexham was in the National League during the takeover. Meaning that they played in the fifth tier of English football. Wrexham promotion didn’t happen overnight. It required proper investments, smart play, and hiring exceptional players and coaches. The Dragons are now going up for the second time in two years and nobody knows where their limits lie.

Wrexham Before the Takeover

Before the famed takeover, Wrexham was scraping the bottom of one of the lowest leagues in English football. After falling out of the professional league, they played amateur football and spent a record number of years there. This was sad for both the fans and the players, and Wrexham is one of the oldest clubs in history and does deserve a place to play in the upper leagues.

Then, the famed takeover in 2020 happened when Deadpool himself partnered with some guy from the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia show to bring joy to fans. The first attempt at Wrexham FC promotion was unsuccessful. After failing, they repeated everything again, but better, and finally came back to League Two.

Wrexham Promotion

Playing in League Two

The news shined bright when all the papers revealed a headline – Wrexham promoted! Coming up from the National League to League Two was expected for them to achieve. After all the singing and effort put into the club, they truly deserve the title of winning the National League and going up.

However, League Two was a different beast for them. Few clubs are able to move up from the amateur league to League One year after year. But somehow, Wrexham did it. The club that was known to bottle a good situation when presented to them managed to achieve the impossible and will play in League One next season. Not only that, they did it with a couple of new signings and by keeping most of their established players from the first season.

Wrexham Standings promotion

Wrexham Standings Promotion

At this moment, Wrexham ranks third in League Two, but they have already mathematically achieved promotion to League One. They did so by winning 25 games, drawing 10, and losing 10. Alongside them, Stockport and Mansfield Town will go up alongside them.

Paul Mullin was once again instrumental for the club as he scored 24 goals in this campaign for them. Even after going down with a nasty injury, he came back and led the club to their second promotion in two years.

How much will Wrexham earn from promotion is a question that will also determine the club’s budget for next year. Allowing them to bring in new players and continue climbing the football ladder towards the Premier League.

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