Luka Vuskovic the New Josko Gvardiol

There’s a big reason why the World Cup 2022 third-place winner, Croatia, achieved so many big things in the previous decade. Besides the skills of their coaches, Croatian players like Modric, Brozovic, Mandzukic, and many more were the ones to bring glory to this national team.

Nevertheless, the future of this team also looks bright as there are some new great players on the horizon. The scouts have recognised a young talent, the defender, whose name is Luka Vuskovic.

Some experts see him as the future superstar, and many compare him to the current City’s top defender, Josko Gvardiol. Now, you may wonder where these estimations came from and how solid they are.

Brother of Mario Vuskovic

The first of Vuskovic players that emerged in the market was Luka’s older brother, Mario. He played for Hajduk Split before he signed a contract with Hamburger SV. This club is currently part of the Bundesliga 2.

Mario Vuskovic was praised for his great performances and his talent. As his current situation is not so good due to him allegedly taking EPO, his younger brother may be just the one to take his defender’s shoes and, maybe even surpass him in the future.

Luka Vuskovic New Josko Gvardiol

Luka Vuskovic Tottenham Hotspur Transfer

The ones that became aware of Luka Vuskovic’s talent first were none other than the North London legends, Tottenham Hotspur. Having to compete against some of the best clubs in the world, the Spurs decided to secure some of the buds that are bound to blossom in the future.

The transfer market value of Vuskovic is currently at €6 million. Despite all odds, the Luka Vuskovic Tottenham Hotspur transfer value stands at a stunning €14 million. This gets to be one of the most expensive transfers in the category of U18 players in history.

Vuskovic will join Tottenham in 2025 as soon as he turns 18. This is a chance for Luka to make his older brother proud. Not only that, but Vuskovic will, in all probability, be part of the Blazers’ squad. Winning a medal, as his idols did, is currently a dream, but it can realistically come true one day.

Luka Vuskovic Facts

Why is Luka Vuskovic Compared to Gvardiol?

Even though Gvardiol and Vuskovic sometimes play at different positions, each of them could very much strengthen any team’s defensive line. The centre-back, who often plays as a left-back, Gvardiol, showed his enormous potential during the World Cup in Qatar. Soon after, Man City decided to bring him in.

Following the steps of Gvardiol will not be easy for Luka. But some facts are already in favour of Vuskovic. For instance, Luka has already received some compliments from experts, who say that he’s a better player than his older brother.
Also, he joined one of the best Premier League clubs as a very young player. No one really knows the future, but in general, Vuskovic does have high hopes and high chances of becoming the new Josko Gvardiol in the future.

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