Has Everton Ever Been Relegated

Everton Football Club is an English professional football club from Liverpool. In their long history, the Toffees certainly had their ups and downs, but has Everton ever been relegated? With recent events and a few terrible seasons, the club’s future is uncertain, and Everton relegation is no longer unimaginable. Let’s learn more about their history and glance into the future of the Blues.

Everton History

In the 145 years of the club, the Toffees have remained one of the most prominent clubs in England. While we have seen them struggle on some occasions, spanning even a few seasons, the question remains: have Everton ever been relegated from the top league?

To answer the questions we must look at the Everton history, and understand the principles of the English league. The answer is yes; Everton’s relegation is not something that never happened. Namely, the club dropped to a lower league twice, and has been out of the top league for just four years.

The first Everton relegation happened in the 1929/30 season, when the club had some serious internal struggles. However, the Toffees didn’t waste time in getting back to the top, as they got a promotion to the top league the following year. In this period, the club also scored the most goals in the second tier of English football.

The second Everton relegation came in the 1950/51 season. The decline of the Blues was the consequence of World War II. The Toffees paled in comparison to the club they were before the suspension of the league. However, this spell only went on for three years, as they bounced back to the top league in 1953/54. After this, Everton never relegated to a lower league again.

Everton History

Have Everton Ever Been Relegated From the Premier League

The Premier League, as such, started in 1992. In the league’s history as we know it today, we never saw another Everton relegation. The Toffees remained in the league, despite some nerve-wracking seasons for the fans and management.

Their start in the Premier League didn’t start great, they just barely avoided dropping to the lower league on several occasions. Their best ranking was in 2004, when the Toffees finished 4th under David Moyes. 

The leadership of Moyes saw the club regularly take up the upper part of the table. Similarly, after Moyes left, Everton continued to take significant spots in the Premier League. However, looking at the events today, we can see the Blues are once again struggling to stay afloat.

Will Everton Get Relegated

The Toffees Today: Will Everton Get Relegated

In the last few seasons, the Blues are slowly but steadily falling into decline. The recent years left them dangerously close to Everton relegation. In 2021/22, the Toffees finished the season in 16th place, just barely escaping relegation.

In the 2022/23 season, the club brought in Sean Dyche to replace Frank Lampard. His succession saw little success, as the Blues finished in 17th place. Their dramatic 1:0 win over Bournemouth in the last round left them in the top-flight league.

But, in the new season, there is still the lingering feeling and question of will Everton get relegated. The Toffees are yet to show they have what it takes to compete at the highest level. If they don’t make the necessary changes soon, they will end their run of 121 seasons in the top league.

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