Craziest Football Goal Celebrations

Football is a sport filled with joy, emotions, tears and even anger. The emotion a footballer goes through after scoring a goal is something that cannot be described. Most of them celebrate this achievement in various quirky ways.

Almost all the time, it results in a goal celebration that remains etched into the history of football. Today we highlight these spectacular and best football goal celebrations that went down in history.

Carlos Tevez (Chicken Dance)

The former Argentine international, Carlos Tevez, could forever be remembered as the guy who made a surprise move to West Ham back in the day. But as far as Boca Juniors fans go, he might have just pulled off one of the best goal celebrations in football.

While playing for Boca in a Copa Libertadores clash against bitter rivals River Plate, Tevez scored a goal and proceeded to celebrate by taking his jersey off and then mimicking a chicken. As he explained, the Chicken Dance was a direct jab towards Rivel Plate.

Due to their tragic defeat against Peñarol in the 1966 Copa Libertadores match, he received a direct red card. But the Chicken Dance remained one of the crazy goal celebrations in football.

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Temuri Ketsbaia (The Psycho Outburst)

While playing for Newcastle, Temuri Ketsbaia showed his frustration with one of the most famous goal celebrations in the history of the Premier League. He started the game off the bench, which he was not partial to. Eventually, he came off the bench and scored a goal as a super sub. That is when the craziness started.

Ketsbaia initially ripped off his jersey, then threw it into the crowd and finally started rampaging towards the opposing fans. This angered the hoards of Bolton fans. Nevertheless, it remained etched in the minds of the viewers as one of the more unique football celebrations.

Robbie Fowler (The Snort)

One of the more controversial entries in the list of famous celebrations in football is what Robbie Fowler did while playing for Liverpool. Referred to as “God” by the Reds’ supporters, Fowler scored from the spot against the rivalling Everton and then pretended to snort the line beside the goal.

Robbie tried to explain that he was imitating the Cameroonian grass-eating celebration. But the FA wouldn’t have it and fined Fowler with a £60,000. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most ludicrous goal celebrations in football.

Famous Goal Celebrations

Marco Tardelli (The Tardelli Cry)

One of the best goal celebrations in football history happened on the sport’s biggest stage – the World Cup final. In 1982, Marco Tardelli scored a goal for Italy against West Germany, which gave his team a 2:0 lead.

Tardelli, struck by emotion, clenched his fists, started yelling “Goal,” and began running towards his mates on the bunch. As we were doing that, tears started pouring down his face. The fans went into raptures, and nearly everyone in the stadium jumped in the air. Tardelli’s breakdown and emotional moment was captured as one of the most famous football goal celebrations ever.

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