Nottingham Forest Financial Fair Play Breach | What Exactly Happened?

No professional football club league can sustain anarchy. While this may sound like an overstatement, lots of clubs had to undergo various suspensions because of certain breaches. In the wake of the most recent violations, there’s a new Nottingham Forest financial fair play breach. What actually happened? What will the consequences be for this Premier League club?

Everything You Need to Know About Luton Town!

If you ever start to think that the magic behind football is gone, think about Luton Town and them finally qualifying for the Premier League. After being stranded all the way down to the conference level, switching back and forth between League 1 and League 2, establishing themselves as a Championship team, the Hatters finally

Overview of Real Madrid’s Performance So Far

Real Madrid are one of the most trophied football clubs in the world. In their incredible history, Los Blancos won countless trophies in both international and national competitions. Their most significant trophies include 34 La Liga, and 14 Champions League titles The reigning champions of the UCL, Los Merengues, are enjoying another quality season. Find

Bundesliga 2023 Highlights – So Far

This season of the Bundesliga is easily the most entertaining it has been recently. Things are starting to sizzle as there are several contenders to take the throne this season. Despite being one of the five strongest leagues, things are always somewhat predictable. Bayern Munich took the last ten championships seemingly easily. But, this season,

Championship Playoff Final: Brentford vs Fulham Match Review

The Start of a Fulham match

Fulham makes a swift comeback to the Premier League after defeating Brentford in the Championship Playoff final by 2-1 at Wembley Stadium. The match had to go into overtime to determine the winner, where all three goals were scored. Both teams were very tight and played cautiously throughout the whole match. After an uneventful first