February 28, 2024
  • February 28, 2024
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The Xabi Alonso Bayer Leverkusen Story

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The arrival of new coaches and managers unavoidably brings certain changes to a football club. But what if these changes are so big, good, or radical that they completely turn the course a club is going in?

Seeing many coaches not fitting particular clubs is very common. On the other hand, not many managers succeed at doing miracles and helping clubs achieve unbelievable results after the crises. One man actually managed to do that. So, this is the Xabi Alonso Bayer Leverkusen story of success.

Becoming the Leverkusen Manager

Xabi Alonso began his coaching career in 2018, after the end of his legendary career as a football player. He said himself that he couldn’t leave this sport behind, so he became a manager. Alonso started off as a manager at Real Madrid, coaching the youth club.

After one season, the Spaniard decided to take over Real Sociedad B team. He had great results and even surpassed some expectations, as some officials said. There were rumours that Alonso could even get promoted and become the team A coach, but the Sociedad executives made up their minds.

Then, in October 2022, the ex-Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich star became the Bayern Leverkusen coach. As soon as he came, the Xabi Alonso Bayer Leverkusen training sessions became more intense. While not many people expected huge success, the long-term results started to appear one season later.

 Xabi Alonso Bayer Leverkusen Story

Amazing Results

After helping Bayer Leverkusen finish the 2022/23 Bundesliga season in the sixth spot and join the Europa League, Alonso continued putting much effort into reforming this club’s game. And then, the 2023/24 Bundesliga season came. Since its beginning, Leverkusen hasn’t lost a single game.

It’s been 19 rounds already, and this club has 15 victories and four draws. That places them at the very top of the Bundesliga, with 49 points. The only team close to Leverkusen is Bayern Munich, with 47 points. Leverkusen’s goal difference is at +36, which is the second highest in the league after Bayern Munich (+38).

While the next Leverkusen vs Bayern Munich derby awaits on 10 February, the first one ended in a draw. The Xabi Alonso Bayer Leverkusen tactics have been great since then, and this team continued to have great performances, even in the Europa League, where they took all 18 points in six games.

Xabi Alonso Bayer Leverkusen Results

Uncertain Future

As Alonso proved how great his coaching skills are, some clubs he used to play for started showing interest in bringing him in. As Jurgen Klopp announced that he would leave Liverpool at the end of the season, all eyes are now on Alonso.

Not only that, but the Spaniard’s two other former teams, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, also want him by their side. Some German news agencies say that Leverkusen is ready to let Alonso go for a buyout clause.

Yet, he is still the Leverkusen coach. Before anything happens, I’m sure that the Xabi Alonso Bayer Leverkusen partnership will be something lots of football experts and fans will talk about.