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Trent Alexander Arnold Position | Right Back or Midfielder

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Coaches in every team sport assign roles to individual players with the aim of making a unified whole. It’s all about covering each aspect of the game and occupying a certain position on the pitch, field, or court.

You’ve all heard stories and anecdotes about kids playing football and no one wanting to be a goalkeeper. Not only that, but we had a chance to witness some players starting off in one position and then switching to a completely different one.

Of course, some players are so versatile that they can play in different positions interchangeably. While this is the case with the Trent Alexander Arnold position, it is interesting how this player ended up where he is now.

Starting Off as a Wide Midfielder

It all began when this player joined the Liverpool academy at a very young age. He made his first steps at age six. Liverpool FC organised a camp for kids, and the organisers drew his name from the hat to attend.

Alexander Arnold soon officially became part of the Liverpool academy, training two to three times a week and playing in different positions. He later even became a captain for the U16 and U18 Liverpool teams. After some time, he took the role of a midfielder.

Coaches, such as Pepijn Lijnders, showed great satisfaction with his performance, especially in the midfielder position. Before long, Liverpool started making use of Trent Alexander Arnold new position very well.

Trent Alexander Arnold Position

Trent Alexander Arnold Position Change (Right-Back)

The story behind the Trent Alexander Arnold position change is more than exciting. Namely, during his early career days, this player realised that taking the right-back position could lead to a much better future career.

He had enough talent to do so, and he was young enough to be easily reshaped. Alexander Arnold started playing for the first team under the guidance of Brendan Rogers, an Irish manager.

His immense talent continued to grow as years went by. It all led to Jurgen Klopp helping Trent develop his skills even further and becoming one of the best right-back players in the world.

Trent Alexander Arnold Position Change

A Very Good Versatile Player

Trent Alexander Arnold new position meant changes in Liverpool’s tactics and formation. Still, one of the most amazing facts here is that the Englishman can actually play in both positions. Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard predicted this when Alexander Arnold was as young as 16 years old.

He saw that this boy was promising. What’s more, Gerrard praising Alexander Arnold only caused the Englishman to gain more inspiration and start playing even better. Nowadays, Klopp regularly makes this player fulfil both his midfielder and right-back roles.
Depending on the game type and which clubs Liverpool plays against, Klopp assigns Alexander Arnold more of a defensive or offensive role. The German coach pointed out that switching Trent Alexander Arnold position allowed Liverpool to explore a new dimension.