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Who Are the Most Injury Prone Footballers in the World?

By on December 1, 2023 0 655Views

The enchanting world of football has seen countless legends born, and dreams come true. However, there exists a poignant narrative of talent eclipsed by the cruel hand of fate. These are the stories of players who, in a parallel universe, could have rewritten the annals of this beautiful game. Find out who are these potentially greatest footballers of all time, but also the most injury prone footballers.

Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima

No doubt, one of the best football players in the world, Ronaldo Nazario is synonymous with finesse, power, and football expertise. Ronaldo’s story is a classic example of how injuries ruined a career that could have gone to immeasurable heights.

Being one of the most injury prone footballers in the world didn’t stop him from finding his name on the list of the GOATs. To this day, he remains one of the most memorable players, with Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and Barcelona being some parts of his story.

He spent most of his time in Real Madrid, where he played 177 games, scoring a total of 103 goals along with 35 assists. He also played 99 games for Inter Milan, where he scored 59 goals and had ten assists. In Barcelona, his stats include 47 goals and 13 assists in just 49 games.

However, in his career, Ronaldo spent a total of 1324 days out injured, missing out 159 games in total. O Fenomeno’s biggest injury was on the 12th of April, 2000, when a knee injury slowed his progress and caused many issues, placing him on this list of injury prone football players.

Most Injury Prone Footballers

Thomas Vermaelen

With a total of 35 different injuries, Thomas Vermaelen earns a spot on this list of most injury prone footballs. The Belgian international had a notable career in Arsenal and Barcelona. 

Despite his undeniable talent and leadership qualities, Vermaelen often found himself sidelined due to various fitness issues. These setbacks undoubtedly hindered the full realisation of his potential, limiting the number of appearances he could make. 

Nevertheless, when fit, Vermaelen showcased a tenacious and commanding presence in the heart of the defence. His story includes 150 games for Arsenal, 143 for Ajax, and 53 for Barcelona. At the same time, he spent 1366 out injured, missing 267 games.

Injury Prone Footballers

Vincent Kompany

Next on this list of most injury prone football players is Vincent Kompany. Football fans are undoubtedly familiar with his qualities, and his contribution to Manchester City. In his career, Vincent spent 1419 days injured, missing out 176 games, with 31 different injuries.

Kompany spent the majority of his career with the Citizens, helping them with 20 goals and 11 assists in 360 games. His contribution was mainly centred around his exceptional leadership skills. Regardless, these countless injuries didn’t stop him from retiring as a four-time Premier League champion.

Jack Wilshere

Jack WIlshere’s record of 1470 days injured is another prime example of talent ruined by injuries. Wilshere missed a total of 214 games thanks to his 18 different injuries. With most of his career on the sidelines, Wilshere is one of the biggest what-ifs in football.

Blessed with exceptional vision, technical skill and a natural flair for the game, Wilshere emerged as one of the most promising young talents. Despite flashes of brilliance, consistent playing time became a rare commodity for Wilshere, limiting his impact on the pitch. Even as injuries took their toll, Wilshere left his impression on those who witnessed his contributions.

Abou Diaby

Finally, Abou Diaby, hailed as the next Patrick Viera, didn’t get a chance to realise his true potential. Unfortunately, Diaby earns the top spot on our list of most injury prone footballers. In his career, About Diaby missed 314 games and 1747 out injured. With his 21 different injuries, he is yet another name on the list of Arsenal’s most injured players.

His early years at Arsenal saw Diaby demonstrate great potential with physical prowess, technical ability and great vision. However, his career took a downturn due to a series of severe injuries, particularly issues with his ankle and knee. These injuries led to a frustrating cycle of rehabilitation and setbacks, preventing him from enjoying a sustained period of fitness and form.