November 29, 2023
  • November 29, 2023
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Harry Maguire Bad Defending | Is He Really That Bad?

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Check out the story of a player’s decline from being the most expensive defender to what many consider a second-rate player. But, is Harry Maguire bad defending really that bad? Let’s take a look at his performances so far, and see his contribution as well as obstruction.

Harry Maguire’s Beginnings

Maguire’s first recognition came once he joined Hull City. He has proven himself a sturdy but a bit old-school defender. With physicality and aerial prowess as his main traits, he could fit in many places, but not all.

His games at Hull City caught the eye of many bigger clubs. Maguire played 74 games for Hull and scored three goals and five assists. He earned 16 yellow cards, but his contribution to the team was great.

Soon after, Harry joined Leicester for a fee of £17m on a five-year contract. In his time with the Foxes, he had 76 appearances, in which he scored five goals, had three assists, and earned 15 yellow cards.

He soon got a regular spot in Leicester’s starting lineup, making big waves and having an impact on the game. His regular and relevant appearances drastically improved his market value.

After only two years in Leicester, Maguire finally had the opportunity he always wanted. News from Manchester quickly reached the defender. And with the incredible offer from United, there was no option of not going. United’s world-record £80m offer was the biggest price any club paid for a defender.

However, his dreams quickly turned into nightmares, as he found himself under the microscope of the fans and the media. His slow and steady decline has become worldwide news. Today, many people worldwide are aware of Harry Maguire bad defending skills.

Harry Maguire Bad Defending

Harry Maguire at Man United

So what happened with Harry Maguire once he signed for the Red Devils, and is Harry Maguire bad defending an issue? After 184 games, we have seen some incredibly bad plays, but there were also some outstanding performances.

While official results show a low number of direct goals conceded by United from Maguire’s mistakes, the list is actually extensive. While he definitely doesn’t deserve the world-spread hate, we have definitely seen countless mistakes which lead to conceding, and, on several occasions, even own goals.

Some accusations that support the Harry Maguire bad defending claims, include calling the defender slow, error-prone, and out of position. While many state that Maguire needs another old-school player to work with, it doesn’t justify the numerous mistakes.

The Harry Maguire bad defending eventually led to the player losing his spot in the starting lineups as well as his captaincy. While we can’t say that he is the sole actor in United’s bad performances, he is a common factor, and has cost the club points on several occasions.

After the severe criticism and losing his spot, Maguire didn’t falter, but continued regular training despite all odds. While his form is slightly coming back, the decision to potentially sell him still remains. So far, we have only heard rumours, but we could see Harry leave United in January.

Harry Maguire at Man United

Harry Maguire Transfer Rumours

The bad defending talks have culminated with some Harry Maguire transfer rumours. Dissatisfied with only playing once a month, Maguire is keen on finding a new club or getting his spot back.

To keep his spot in England’s national team, he needs a regular spot with a Premier League club. With 60 caps and several goals for the Three Lions, he has no intentions of stopping now.

While West Ham made an attempt to sign him, there are no official reports of Maguire moving so far. Clubs that have shown their interest are once again West Ham, along with Everton and even Real Madrid being mentioned.