February 28, 2024
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Famous Football Sons and Fathers

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We all know that old saying: blood is thicker than water. Well, it can actually refer to more than one thing. One interpretation of this quote relates to things that someone can inherit, and I don’t aim at diseases and illnesses.

What I found amazing is that talent can actually pass through generations. Putting all nepotism aside, we do have many amazing artists and sportspersons who stepped in the shoes of their parents. The same goes for famous football sons and fathers.

Peter and Kasper Schmeichel

The legendary Danish goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichel, spent most of his career in Manchester United. He also made more than 120 appearances for his national team, Denmark. While Peter was one of the goalkeepers who even managed to score for Denmark, he also broke a few other records.

His son, Kasper Schmeichel also picked up the goalkeeper gloves. The rest is history. Kasper was part of Leicester’s Premier League title winning team in the season 2015/16. He is also likely to suppress the football dads and sons record when it comes to appearances.

Football Sons and Fathers

Lilian Thuram and Marcus Thuram

Another Legendary player, Lilian Thuram, was a major part of Parma’s and Juventus’ squad. He even appeared as the defender for the French national team as many as 142 times.

The telltale sign that talent can be passed on through genes ties to the amazing performances of his son, Marcus Thuram. While Marcus plays as an attacker in contrast to his father being a defender, no one can deny this very nice legacy in the world of football sons and fathers.

Ian Wright and Shaun Wright Phillips

The famous Englishman, Ian Wright got his recognition by playing for Crystal Palace and Arsenal. Wright had a very long career, where his role was one of the major ones when it came to the midfield area.

His direct successor was his son, Shaun Wright Phillips. The category of football dads and sons lists Ian and Shaun as the only ones to have won the Premier League, apart from the Schmeichels.

Football Families

George and Timothy Weah

Although George played for Liberia, and Timothy is part of the USA national team, the Weah footballers are a true example of a great legacy. George, who is now a politician, played for many well-known clubs, such as PSG, Milan, Man City, and Chelsea.

Timothy, as the representative of the younger generation, grew up in the United States and later moved to France. He used to play for PSG, too. After being on a loan at Celtic, Timothy went to Lille. Currently, this footballer is building his career as a Juventus player.

Paolo and Daniel Maldini

One of the greatest Italian players of all time, Paolo Maldini, does surely have something to be proud of. As you may have guessed, it’s his son, Daniel Maldini. Paolo’s career is almost unmatchable. For someone who spent 25 years in one club, the number of appearances and, even more important, his contribution to Milan is immeasurable.

This is yet another case of football sons and fathers where the player positions are different. What’s more, Daniel Maldini has scored a decent number of goals so far, playing as an attacking midfielder. He also joined Milan but is, for the time being, in Monza.