November 29, 2023
  • November 29, 2023
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Football Clubs with the Most Trophies

Most Successful Football Clubs With the Most Trophies in the World

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The ultimate goal for any sports club, regardless of the sport, is to bring home some trophies. Some clubs have gathered far more in the trophy cabinets than others. So what are some of the most successful football clubs with the most trophies in the world? Let’s find out.

Honourable Mentions

Before we get started with the football clubs with the most trophies, we should check out some outside the top five. Namely, there are only five clubs that have won over a hundred titles in their history. But, before we get to these, let’s check out some that deserve the recognition despite not being in the top five.

Football Clubs With the Most Trophies

Real Madrid – Spain

Of course, the Royal Club of Spain, Real Madrid, is well underway to getting the most football trophies won by a club record. So far, Los Blancos have an incredible 92 titles under their belt. However, they are just outside the century mark, but we will likely see them reach this milestone in the upcoming years.

Not only will they likely get this achievement, but we can see them on the record for the most titles. The success of Los Blancos is basic and worldwide knowledge. Not only are they among the most successful, but they are also the revolutionaries of football.

However, this time, we will only focus on their achievements. Their list of titles counts a total of 97 trophies. Among these countless trophies, 68 come from national competitions, while 28 are on an international level.

Los Blancos have won the national league an incredible 35 times so far, along with 20 Spanish Cup titles. While they dominated the national league the most, they are third when looking at the number of Spanish Cup trophies.

However, according to many, the most important trophies come from European competitions. And this is where Real Madrid have no equal. The Galácticos have won the Champions League an unbelievable 14 times. Currently, they have double what the second team on this list has, as Milan have won it seven times.

Barcelona – Spain

Of course, we can’t mention Real Madrid without mentioning their El Classico rival, Barcelona. The Blaugrana have just as many trophies as their rival, counting a total of 97 trophies. While some sources state differently, this is the total number of titles they have won so far.

Barca have won the national league a total of 27 times so far. They are losing this race to Real Madrid, who have won it 35 times, but are winning in Cup wins. With a total of 31 Copa del Rey titles under their belt, they hold this record for the most Spanish Cup trophies.

If we turn to international football, we will find numerous other titles and trophies. However, the most important are the five Champions League titles. While they seriously lack the numbers to catch up to their rival, they are still among the most prestigious football clubs with the most titles today.

Benfica – Portugal

Coming from the small but very strong Portuguese league, Benfica earned their way to this list with an incredible list of trophies. Namely, with a total of 86 trophies with their name engraved, the Eagles are among the most successful clubs worldwide.

Founded in 1904, the Eagles have won 38 Primeira Liga titles in their long history. Furthermore, if you look into their trophy cabinet, you will find a record 26 Taca de Portugal trophies. Moving down the line, there are also seven Taca da Liga trophies and nine Supertaca Candido de Oliveira trophies.

Furthermore, we also have to mention the two European Champion trophies. Benfica managed to secure the European throne two times in a row, in 1960 and the following year, in 1961. After that, they never managed to repeat this success.

Porto – Portugal

Following the apparent tradition of rivals pushing each other to record heights, we come to Benfica’s rival, Porto. With 84 titles in total, they are behind their rival and second football club with the most trophies in Portugal. However, their success could be more valuable, according to some.

Domestically, the Dragons from Porto have won the Portuguese league 30 times, including five consecutive titles. Furthermore, they also count 19 Taca de Portugal, one Taca da Liga, and a record 23 Supertaca Candido de Oliveira titles.

We also have to mention that Porto are one of the two teams that have won the league title without dropping a single game. This happened in 2010/11 and again in 2012/13. The Dragons have also secured the infamous quadruple two times.

When it comes to European competitions, Porto are the most decorated team in Portugal, with seven trophies. Among the most notable titles are the Champions League in 1987 and 2004, along with the Europa League in 2003 and 2011. There is also the Super Cup in 1987 and the Intercontinental Cup in 1987 and 2004.

Olympiakos – Greece

Lastly, when it comes to football clubs with the most trophies, we also have to mention Olympiakos. The Thrylos from Piraeus are the most successful club in Greek football, with numerous titles in both national and international football. Specifically, they are 9th in the world of total titles with a total of 79 national trophies.

Among these trophies, you will find 47 league titles, 28 cups, and four Super Cups. Furthermore, the Legends also have a record seven national titles in a row, two times. Additionally, they have also won the national cup five times in a row. With these records, they are the only club that has won a series of five or more consecutive championships for five times.

Successful Football Clubs

#5 Atletico Penarol – Uruguay

As one of the most prestigious clubs in South America, Atletico Penarol also boasts an extensive list of trophies. While the count varies depending on what people count as major trophies, their history definitely puts them on the list of the most successful football clubs with the most trophies.

The starting days of Atletico date back to 1891. In their long history, the Decano earned the status of an elite club, famous throughout the world. While they started as Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club, they have evolved into the club that we know today. Nowadays, they not only have a football club, but also deal with other sports, such as cricket and rugby.

Specifically, when talking about trophies, Atletico Penarol has won a total of 108 trophies in their history. They are also one of the five clubs that have won over a hundred. But among the five, they have the fewest. Out of the 108 trophies, according to some sources, only 52 are major trophies.

#4 Club Nacional de Football – Uruguay

Despite being a small country, Uruguay has brought us countless extraordinary players and has shaped the football world. Moreover, they also have two clubs that have their names on the list of the most successful football clubs with the most trophies.

Club Nacional de Football was founded in 1899, and in their long history, they have an even longer list of trophies. With a total of 115 trophies, they are the second of five clubs with over a hundred trophies. Among the most prestigious trophies, they count 47 Primera Division trophies.

#3 FC Celtic – Scotland

As one side of the Old Firm rivalry, Celtic and Rangers have pushed each other into new records each season. Today, Celtic stands proudly as one of the clubs with the most trophies. Their trophy count goes all the way to 116, based on some sources.

Of course, Celtic easily deserves the recognition for the number of trophies regardless of what you count as relevant. The Celts have won the national league 53 times, and the Scottish Cup 41 times. However, Celtic are not even the most trophied club in the UK.

#2 Rangers – Scotland

The second side of the Old Firm coin are the Rangers, who are also ahead when it comes to the number of trophies. With a total of 118 pieces of silverware in the cabinet, they come in second, but ahead of their biggest rival.

The list of achievements includes winning the Scottish league a record 55 times, along with 34 Scottish Cup trophies, and 27 Scottish League Cups. Moreover, Rangers have won the domestic treble an incredible seven times so far. While Rangers are the most successful club in Europe, at the moment, they are not the most successful in the world.

#1 Al Ahly – Egypt

Lastly, standing at the top of the list of the football clubs with most trophies is the Egyptian Al Ahly. Counting a total of 121 trophies, this is the most football trophies won by a club ever. The Red Devils have an incredible history, which started in 1907.

So far, Al Ahly have won 43 Egyptian Premier League trophies, along with 38 Egypt Cup Titles and 13 Egyptian Super Cups. In international competitions, the Red Giants have a record 11 CAF Champions League titles, along with countless other titles. At the end of the 20th century, the CAF voted Al Ahly as the African club of the century.