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Surprise Europe’s Top Scorers This Season

By on November 27, 2023 0 152Views

Football is all about scoring goals and we celebrate each and every one of them in a different way. While veteran fans appreciate the entire sport of football and its complexity, most casual fans are content when they see spectacular goals being scored.

While you expect names like Harry Kane, Kylian Mbappe, or Erling Halaand to be at the top of the charts, there are always surprise entries in the scoring charts that leave you with a question mark of how they have done that. For that reason, we want to highlight surprise Europe top scorers this season as players that no one saw high in the scoring charts prior to the start of the year.

Bundesliga – Serhou Guirassy (Stuttgart)

The best feel good story this season in all of Europe is the name of Serhou Guirassy. The 27-year-old Guinea forward has been making highlight after highlight in the Bundesliga. Scoring 15 goals at the time of writing and keeping Stuttgart in the top three of the league.

Guirassy has scored 11 goals for the entirety of last season. But something clicked at the start of the 2023/24 Bundesliga season and he has been scoring left and right. He is currently one of the top scorers this season in Europe, let alone the German league, and if he staves off injuries, he should improve on his record by the end of the season.

Europe Top Scorers This Season

La Liga – Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid)

After transferring to Real Madrid at the start of the season, everyone saw Jude Bellingham as the new prospect who would revitalise Real’s ageing midfield. But no one could have expected that he would become the new Zinedine Zidane for the team.

Dawning the famed number 5 shirt, Jude has literally replaced Karim Benzema as Real’s top scorer. As a midfielder, he has scored 10 in La Liga so far. Jude is one of the biggest surprise European top scorers this season.

Top Goal Scorers This Season in Rurope

Serie A – Olivier Giroud (AC Milan)

The 37-year-old Olivier Giroud is not really leading the scoring charts in Serie A.  Lautaro Martinez has been tormenting Italy’s defences every weekend. But no one could have expected that Giroud would be performing the way he is at this stage of his career. He has become the number-one scoring option at Rossoneri and has scored 7 goals so far in the league.

Milan is not playing well this season, but they are still competitive in the league and contending for the title. They have Giroud to thank for that, as he is the one keeping them afloat. And who knows, he just might end up becoming a top goal scorer this season in Europe. There is still enough time for him to score more goals.

Super Lig – Edin Dzeko (Fenerbahce)

Most of the fans see the Turkish Super Lig as a retirement league. But if you look at it a bit closer, you will notice that they are playing on a very high level there. After completing his stint at Inter Milan, Dzeko moved to a much more wholesome league in Turkey.  He found his place in the Fenerbahce shirt at the age of 37.

What he’s been doing in Turkey is scoring for fun. He currently leads the league in scoring. But he is also contending for the honour of being Europe highest goal scorer this season. Fenerbahce is an underrated team by most. However, they are showing signs of greatness. Not only in domestic competition but in the Conference League this season. Edin Dzeko is the one who is helping them achieve it.