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Eden Hazard Retirement: The Carrer That Ended Too Soon

By on November 22, 2023 0 195Views

Eden Hazard announces retirement after just four months after leaving Real Madrid. The Belgium international was only 32 when he came to the conclusion that it was time to call it quits.

Eden was one of the most talented Belgium players as the winger played for Chelsea and Real Madrid in his career. However, injuries, poor fitness, and a lot of bad luck caused him to decide to end it all eventually.

Eden Hazard retirement has been met with disbelief from a lot of fans. However, those who were close to him were not surprised at all. A lot of people blamed him for his unhealthy lifestyle during the off-season.

But the truth is far from what you think it be, as Hazard loved playing football and tried to come back multiple times. But eventually had to be honest to himself and retire.

Why Did Eden Hazard Retire?

After conquering everything there is to conquer with Chelsea, Hazard made a dream switch to Real Madrid in 2019. He signed for Los Blancos for a fee that went around $114 million, making him one of the most expensive transfers in the world.

Sadly, he came injured to Madrid, causing him to miss the start of the season. No one could have predicted that the rest of his time in Madrid would have been no different. He piled injury after injury.

During the four years in Real, Eden made only 76 caps for the club, playing 90 minutes in only six of them. He tried to come back multiple times, but he simply could not do it. Those who think that the real Eden Hazard retirement reason was bad fitness and an unhealthy lifestyle that came back to haunt him are wrong.

Eden Hazard made a conscious effort to get back to form multiple times. However, his body failed him and the injuries that piled up eventually caught up to him.

Eden Hazard Retirement

Leaving Real Madrid

Has Eden Hazard retired after leaving Real Madrid? The answer is actually no. Actually, Eden had a contract with Los Blancos that went up until June 2024. However, he decided that he didn’t want to waste the team’s resources and accepted an early termination of his contract.

He actually made it four months without a club before making the final decision. He had multiple offers from the US and the Middle East, and there were even talks of him coming back to Chelsea at one point.

In the end, he said that one has to be honest with himself and listen to your body. You have to know when to say stop and do it at the right time.

Eden Hazard Retirement Season

Eden Hazard Career

Before Eden Hazard retirement, he had a career that spanned 16 years. During that time, he played for Lille, Chelsea, and Real Madrid. He won two Europa League titles with the Blues in 2013 and 2019 and has also lifted the Premier League trophy on two separate occasions in 2015 and 2017. Eden also won the League Cup and the FA Cup during his time in London.

As far as the Belgium national team goes, he made 126 appearances after making his debut in 2008. He scored 33 goals for the Red Devils and won third place at the World Cup in 2018.