April 1, 2023
  • April 1, 2023
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Premier League – Leeds Vs Leicester: Review

by on November 3, 2020 0

With their victory over Leeds United, Leicester City climbed up top the second position in the Premier League, right behind Liverpool by a single point. If this keeps up, Leicester is going to be a true challenge for the Reds. Though Leeds lost, things are far from over for them this season. First Half...

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Champions League: Liverpool Vs Ajax Review

by on October 22, 2020 0

Virgil van Dijk suffered a terrible injury that nearly left Everton’s goal empty. The way Jordan Pickford tackled Liverpool’s defensive goal scorer was brutal. However, the Reds were more than capable of continuing their Champions League campaign. Fabinho stepped up and filled the gap in their match against Ajax on Wednesday. Pre-Game Jürgen Klopp...

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