Thank you for taking the time to visit the UK's leading source for live football events. We aim to bring you all the action directly to your desktop without you having to buy any new hardware or software.

Free Football TV enables users to watch live football online within minutes of joining. When you purchase one of our packages you are given access to our custom built members area widely acclaimed by over 50,000 members. Our members area can be used to gain access to all of the latest games, radio stations, movies and more at the click of a button from anywhere in the world!

Use our package anywhere, anytime. Tune in from work, on your holidays via PC/Mac or laptop - its up to you!. With UNLIMITED viewing for your membership fee you can watch live football uninterupted without the need to worry about expensive bills or running out of credit.

By utilising the latest in software packages you gain access to full screen high quality pictures and sound without having to fork out for any new hardware. If you cant find your question answered here please contact us and our dedicated support team will advise you. As a valued customer we will provide any software you require FREE OF CHARGE!!!.

50,000+ members cannot be wrong. Listed below are some of the most common queries we receive from football fans prior and post order:

What makes Free Football TV different from other copycat sites?

Free Football TV is a site dedicated to lovers of the beautiful game. We do not believe in hidden costs and offer all information upfront for a set fee.

We offer access to all the happening games, radio stations, movies and much more. At Free Football TV we respect the passion you have for football and share your enthusiasm when each big game approaches. For example when Manchester United take on Arsenal and your cable bills pile up, you can always turn to Free Football TV to make sure you do not miss out on all the action.

Other sites offer feeds or streams that come from potentially questionable sources. At Free Football TV we do not indulge in such practices. We respect the rights of the organizers and ensure we do not infringe any rules, but at the same time we offer high quality pictures and sound so you can relax and watch your favorite team in action - week in and week out.

Is the service offered by Free Football TV legal?

Free Football TV stays within defined legal boundaries and makes sure you can catch the latest matches and watch live football online without any hassles. At Free Football TV you do not get links to download sites that offer any illegal content.

Any streaming video provided by Free Football TV is courtesy of third party providers.

Should I buy any new hardware to access content offered by Free Football TV?

No. There is no need for any expensive machinery to watch your favorite stars in action. All you need is a system and an internet connection.

Additionally your PC need not be a high-end one. A basic PC will do just as well. Even dial-up and satellite connections are enough to view the latest action as it happens Live! However best quality pictures and sound is obtained by using a broadband internet connection.

I am based outside of the UK. Can I still watch my favorite games?

ABSOLUTELY! Location does not matter. We are proud to say that over 35 percent of our registered members are from outside the UK and we currently boast members in over 50 countries.

During the 2008 World Cup we catered to members from over 50 countries. While extensive focus is maintained on the world's most happening league - the English Premier League - we also cater to fans wanting to watch the Spanish La Liga, the German Bundesliga, the Italian Serie A and much more.

Can I watch International games?

YES! Our service is not limited to League action. In fact we registered a record number of viewers during the recent World Cup qualifying games. This year we also covered a number of international tournaments during the close season.

All International matches and friendlies are covered at Free Football TV. If you feel we are not covering some games, feel free to drop us a line.

My friend is also interested in this great service. Can he use my account as well?

Security reasons demand that we limit the account to one user only. If your friend/s is/are interested, please get them to sign up as well.

We must warn you that our system tracks ip addresses. Any account that violates out terms of service will be suspended immediately without notice. You can use your account on multiple computers but not simultaneously.

What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment all subscriptions are taken via card payment. We hope to add additional methods shortly.

Is my payment monthly or yearly?

Every banner and signup page on the website clearly states that our subscription fee is for 1 years full and unlimited access. Even so we get a lot of emails from people asking if the payment is a monthly fee - we guess they cant believe it is so cheap!. But its true!!! Your payment is for 1 years full and unlimited access to our dedicated members area.

I have paid but I cant login?

Firstly check your email account that you used to signup. We send confirmation emails with login details as soon as payment is received. If you cannot find the signup email please also check your bulk email folders. If you are still having problems the issue may be a bit more embarassing unfortunately. A number of customers are so eager to join up that they mis spell their email address on the signup form. Your email becomes your username so this is very important. If you are having trouble logging in use the contact form and we will use your ip address log to find your account in our database.

My account says it should run until (insert month here) but it is saying expired?

The membership script runs in American date format i.e. mm/dd/yy. So 6/11 is actually 11th June.

Does this work on a Mac?

The p2p packages that we use as a backup to our main streams do not work on a Mac. In order for streams to work on your Mac you will need to install flip mac which will allow you to access windows media player links. The majority of our links for main games are media player links so Mac users enjoy the same service as PC clients.

What else do I need to know?

NOTHING! Just click the join button below to catch all your favorite games online. If you have any further questions regarding out service, please contact. We will get back to you in two working days

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