Roger Guerreiro A Controversial Addition to the Squad


When Poland begin their Euro 2008 campaign with the match against Germany on June 8th, the teams creative influence could very well be supplied by Brazilian-born Roger Guerreiro. Like Emmanuel Olisadebe before him, who played for Poland in the World Cup finals of 2002, the Legia Warsaw player is proving a somewhat contentious addition to the Polish squad.

Even though he has been playing well for his club, there have been questions asked about his entitlement to a place in the squad, with Jacek Bąk, the most experienced squad member, expressing his concerns.



Dutch coach Leo Beenhakker has jumped to his defence though and said that the player had a dream and that he shared it with him. He went on to say that the world had changed and it was about time everybody realised that.  Guerreiro has been a Polish resident for two years and was awarded nationality on April 17th this year by the Polish president himself.

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