Magpies trio should be on Best Behaviour


There really is no need to leave yourself open and exposed the night before any game – it’s ignorant, disrespectful and just plain stupidity for Premier League players to go out on the eve of a fixture whether they’re playing or not.


A talisman in the squad can just about get away with a breach of club rules though. It doesn’t make it right, but they’ve done enough for their superiors and supporters to turn a blind eye.


But it looks worse when the players in question are Leon Best, Stephen Ireland and Stephan Folan.


In truth, Best probably isn’t good enough to replace Andy Carroll. But despite Best’s inexperience and the fact that he has yet to prove he can cut it at Newcastle, the former Coventry striker has been given a glorious chance to enhance his Newcastle and Premier League career in the wake of Carroll’s departure.


He’s done okay so far. Nothing more, nothing less. So it’s probably a good idea not to jeopardise possibly your one and only chance of becoming a first-choice striker on Tyneside.

Meanwhile, Stephen Ireland’s once promising career is on a slippery slope

and he has barely played since joining from Aston Villa in January. While there’s never a good time to break club rules, he could hardly have picked a worse time.


As for Stephen Folan, well perhaps he’s a reserve player who is content staying in the reserves.


The players exploits was made worse by Newcastle’s dismal 4-0 thrashing at the hands of Stoke the following day and compounds fans’ fears that certain squad members just don’t care enough.


However, it was one mistake and one night. All three can put it behind them and prove their worth. As long as the transfer window is closed Best will surely get his chance upfront. Ireland was one of the most technically gifted players in the division only a couple of years ago and Folan can demonstrate why scouts took him over from Ireland in the first place.


Unfortunately due to society’s obsession with social networking, your mistake will be circulating the net in minutes. The only thing required from all three is a bit more common sense.

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