Liverpool v Chelsea Preview


There will definitely be at least one team from the English Premier League in the UEFA Champions League Final – FACT. Neutral supporters and patriots alike are hoping for 2 Premiership teams to meet in the final in Athens. With all 3 English teams remaining in the Champions League semi final at least 1 will drop out. Will it be Rafa’s boys or Jose’s and will Manchester United fail their test against AC Milan?.

Liverpool are able to field pretty much a full strength squad after an enviable weekend result.  Craig Bellamy looked good at the weekend to make his comeback. Steve Finnan also looks good for a start after being rested. It was a good result for Liverpool and it does give them a boost ahead of the Chelsea clash. Key to this game will be Steven Gerrard who is starting to score excellent goals and Jamie Carragher who is controlling the back four.

Will Chelsea have a fully fit squad to face Liverpool?. With a tough draw against Newcastle and eyes on the premiership and the FA Cup could battle on 3 fronts be too much for them?. The English Champions are a unique team so often in the past few weeks they have won through due to their resilience and determination rather than any great performance. A concern for Chelsea is Arjen Robben, who is out with a knee injury. Also be looking at Shevchenko’s fitness ahead of the game. Key players in this match cannot be counted on one hand but look out for leading scorer Didier Drogba and the key man at the back John Terry.

Both teams will be looking to pull out a commanding lead before locking horns in the second leg. We predict that the match will go down to the second leg with a 1-1 draw here. Watch live football with Liverpool v Chelsea and champions league feeds and football streams in our members area.

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