Blackpool’s Fine Balancing Act


It’s easy to see why every neutral wants Blackpool to stay up. And while their positive and entertaining outlook has been well documented, ultimately the fact remains they have no idea how to defend.


They dominated the first fifteen minutes against Arsenal only to fall behind to the Gunners’ first meaningful attack.

It’s too easy for opposing teams as Blackpool leave themselves wide open at the back.

No matter how good they are going forward, sooner or later they were going to pay the price for their non-existing backline.


The weight of that price could still be relegation – the Tangerines have the least points out of any team in the top flight since the turn of the year as they slide towards the bottom three.


Fortunately for their sake the form of Wolves, Wigan and West Ham isn’t much better but as long as Blackpool continue their descent, at least one of those teams could leap frog them in the table.


And yet, despite the defensive doom and gloom, it’s the threat they pose at the other end that could keep the three clubs below them in those places for a little while longer.


Blackpool seem to acknowledge they can’t defend, but at least it doesn’t compromise their attacking intent. Tightening up at the back doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing your principles, regardless of what others might say, and Blackpool currently deserve to be above the relegation zone because they have been bold and courageous enough to believe in their own ability on the ball.


And even when they fall behind, that mentality doesn’t change and they very nearly pulled it back to 2-2 against the Gunners before eventually going down 3-1 at Bloomfield Road.


However, near misses and glorious failures won’t win them points, and although Blackpool set out to outscore the opposition with admirable audacity, there may have to be some uncharacteristically good defending in their remaining games to secure another year in the Premier League.

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